35. Why we say SAT NAAM?

Why do we say SatNaam, meaning God’s Name Is "Truth"? Because everything else is temporary.  Our family will depart, our houses will crumble and we will also leave our body behind.  Everything around us is ever-changing, except for SatNaam.  SatNaam is forever stable.    … Read More

32. Without The Name

satnaam sada satnaam dandauth bandhana ji … a great article for those trapped in religion, written by another blessed soul in the sangat.   Without The Name, there is No Worship ( bin naavai pooj na ho-ay.)p.489SGGS  Why are we … Read More

30. What is Naam?

There is a gross misunderstanding among the masses concerning what is the Naam, or what Naam means, or how and where the Naam can be obtained and what Naam should be used for meditation. The reason behind this situation is … Read More