4. Naam and GurMantr

(Author: This humble sevak of the Sangat has gone through a wonderful series of events  – BISMAD JANAK ALOKIK NAZARE, during the deep meditation – SMADHI AND SUN SMADHI, with the AGAMI, ANANT, APAAR AND BEANT KIRPA OF THE SATGUR SACHE PATSHAH.   This chakkar and kookar of the Guru and Sangat is very much willing to share and help the Sangat in this process of attaining high levels of spirituality- ATMIK AWASTHA.   This sevak’s DASSAM DWAAR AND GYAN NETAR IS OPEN AND IS LISTENING TO THE PANCH SHABAD ANHAD NAAD ON A CONTINOUS BASIS.  Please don’t hesitate to direct your questions to the Web-site correspondence. You have every right to know everything learned by us to help you in every respect for your spiritual uplift and to put you on the MARG TO JEEVAN MUKTI.  Following is based on the actual experiences, total truth and nothing but truth)


It is very important to understand the difference between Naam and Gurmanter.  Gurmanter is given by the Panj Pyare according to the tradition that was set by the Great Dasam Patshah. 


The difference between a majority of today’s Panj Pyare and Dasam Pita’s Panj Pyare is that Dasam Pita’s Panj Pyare were Puran Khalsa, they were Puran Sant and Puran Braham Gyani, Dasam Pita Himself was at Param Padvi on the face of this earth. 


But today’s Panj Pyare are not authorized to give Naam to the Sangat so they give Gurumanter – Wahe Guru.  And once you are baptized and given Gurumanter by Panj Pyare, you are instituted in the DHARAM KHAND – Jap Ji Sahib.   


When you do jaap of Gurumanter and listen to Panj Bani Path, then you will start your spiritual journey to the next step, which is GYAN KHAND – Jap Ji Sahib.  Then you proceed forward and learn from Gurbani the divine laws to enhance your spiritual efforts, this is SARAM KHAND, this is where you intensify your Jaap , do it for longer hours. Gurmanter takes you up to this stage.


The next KHAND (the fourth one) is KARAM KHAND. ‘KARAM’ signifies the blessings of the Almighty. The forward journey to this KHAND purely happens with his rehmat. The Bhagti or the spiritual accounts from your past lives help to get you to this KHAND.


kaahoo jugath kithai n paaeeai dhharam ||
It cannot be obtained by any religious rituals.


SGGS 274 – Guru Arjan Dev Ji

naanak this milai jis likhiaa dhhur karam ||5||
O Nanak, he alone obtains it, whose karma is so pre-ordained. ||5||


SGGS 274 – Guru Arjan Dev Ji


If you have been through spiritual journeys from the previous lives then the Lord will make you come across a Puran Sant (The True Saint) or Brahmgyani and you will be blessed with his Naam – “SATNAAM”.  After you have controlled the PANJ DOOT – KAM, KRODH, LOBH, MOH AND AHANKAAR, you will step into SACH KHAND. 


barahm gi-aanee kaa daras badbhaagee paa-ee-ai.
The Darshan, the Blessed Vision of the God-conscious being, is obtained by great good fortune.


barahm gi-aanee ka-o bal bal jaa-ee-ai.
To the God-conscious being, I make my life a sacrifice.


barahm gi-aanee ka-o khojeh mahaysur.
The God-conscious being is sought by the great god Shiva.



naanak breham giaanee aap paramaesur ||6||
O Nanak, the God-conscious being is Himself the Supreme Lord God. ||6||




Or heavy loads of your previous Bhakti will take you up to a stage where you will receive a ‘HUKAM’ from the Supreme One and be showered with his true name (Naam) “SATNAAM” or you will switch to Mool Manter and then to Sat Naam. One important thing to remember here – SATNAAM is Gurparsadi (means blessed by the Lord or a Puran Guru).


The real bhagti starts in this KHAND where you go into SMADHI and SUN SMADHI.  YOU WILL BECOME A SUHAGAN OF AKAL PURAKH.  Your DASSAM DWAAR (Tenth door of spirituality) AND GYAN NETER (Trinity)will open in KARAM KHAND.  In SACH KHAND YOU WILL HAVE UNIQUE EXPERIENCES which cannot be described in words.  And then the ultimate become a SADA SUHAGAN AND OBTAIN THE PARAM PADVI.


(The detail description of all KHANDS along with various kinds of experiences are covered later in a separate article)


The shabad Wahe Guru is Akal Purakh’s Mahima (praise), it is not His Naam. When we say Sat Naam Wahe Guru, means SACHA NAAM DHAN DHAN HAI.  AAD JUGADI NAAM IS DEFINED IN MOOL MANTRA – SAT NAAM.   Wahe Guru was sung by the Bhatts in praise of the Guru, it is not the Naam.


aapeenhai aap saajiou aapeenhai rachiou naao ||
He Himself created Himself; He Himself assumed His Name.


SGGS 463 – Guru Nanak Dev Ji




kiratham naam kathhae thaerae jihabaa ||
With my tongue I chant the Names given to You.


sath naam thaeraa paraa poorabalaa ||
‘Sat Naam’ is Your perfect, primal Name.


SGGS 1083 – Guru Arjan Dev Ji

jap man sath naam sadhaa sath naam ||
Chant, O my mind, the True Name, Sat Naam, the True Name.


SGGS 670 – Guru Raam Daas Ji

sath naam prabh kaa sukhadhaaee ||
The True Name of God is the Giver of peace.


SGGS 284 – Guru Arjan Dev Ji

The SAT NAAM IS GURPARSADI, that means that it is given by a Puran Sant Sat Guru with Akal Purakh’s kirpa. 
naam amolak rathan hai poorae sathigur paas ||
The Naam is a Priceless Jewel; it is with the Perfect True Guru.


SGGS 40 – Guru Raam Daas Ji

sathigur sikh ko naam dhhan dhaee ||
The True Guru gives His Sikh the wealth of the Naam.


SGGS 286 – Guru Arjan Dev Ji

And who is a SATGURU?


sath purakh jin jaaniaa sathigur this kaa naao ||
The one who knows the True Lord God, is called the True Guru.


SGGS 286 – Guru Arjan Dev Ji


SATGURU is Param Padvi, who is ABHED IN AKAL PURAKH.  He is a puran Braham Gyani, a Puran Sant.  SATGURU is capable to plant the SAT NAAM in your SURAT AND THEN IN HIRDEY. 


This is what our Gurus have done, there are a large number of examples in the history of Gurus, where a number of Gurumukhs were instituted in KARAM KHAND by the Gurus.  But if you are lucky you might find such a Puran Sant who can  plant you in KARAM KHAND TOO IN THIS AGE OF KALYUG.


This doesn’t mean that you can’t jap SAT NAAM.  You are allowed to do so by all means and continue your jaap.


The second important point is to understand the difference in JAAP AND SIMRAN.  Jaap is done with your RASNA (tounge) and along the SWAAS (breathing), whereas SIMRAN means PLANT SAT NAAM IN THE MEMOREY, IN THE MIND, IN THE HIRDEY AND IN EVERY BIT OF YOUR BODY.  Following is the sequence of advantage:


Jaap with RASNA 1000 times REWARD equals one time in done with  SWAAS.
1000 times done with SWAAS equals one time in MIND
1000 times done in mind equals one time in HIRDEY


So SIMRAN is much more powerful than JAAP.


Sevak asks for His Forgiveness if he has offended anything in anyway.


Dassan Das (Slave Of God’s Slaves)