5. Simran





Nothing is preventing you to get yourselves trained in using weapons, if you like so. But remember dassam patshah never used his asters (weapons) for a piece of land. But sant marg doesn’t mean to follow a sant – what it means is that you are moving on a path that will make you a sant. And all bhagti marg’s are sant margs only. We don’t have to attach ourselves with the body  of Baba ji, but we have to attach ourselves with pargatyeo jyot (the manifested light of the Supreme within)- sat naam, that is what he says, don’t attach yourselves to my body, but attach yourselves to naam amrit – the body is just made of five elements and will go back to these elements, but sat naam will prevail for ever. So we all need to attach ourselves to sat naam.


All you are looking for is jivan mukti, and once you become a jivan mukt then you can help others to move on sant marg and achieve jivan mukti – and this is mahaparupkaar, what can be more rewarding than helping some one become a sant and jivan mukt ? This is the biggest service of the sangat, nothing can beat this seva and this is sat naam ki seva. And jivan mukti is not just your jivan mukti it is 21 kulan ki daat – your coming 21 generations will get jivan mukti. And at that stage if you get a hukam to pick up your asters to protect the truth who knows ? You might do that – it all depends upon hukam – sixth patshahi and dassam patshahi had that hukam so they were blessed with asters too to meet the hukam, however, all the other patshahi’s never had any hukam to pickup asters so they didn’t. It was with akal purakh’s hukam guru teg bahadur ji worshipped for over 28 years to get the birth of dusht damman – dassam pita and that was all in hukam. And for that matter every thing is in hukam – hukme ander sabh ko bahar hukam naa koi – jive jiv hukam tive tiv kaar – jive jiv hukam tive tiv howna – jo tudh bhawe sai bhalikaar – your asking of these questions and our answering these questions is also all in hukam. There are no two sants or bhagats alike. Everybody’s bhagti is different. So your bhagti will be unique too.




Never look at the past, don’t think of future and capture the current moment, that is the one of the most important attribute of a sant. And current moment is the hukam – do sat karam only in current moment and stay clean become a puran sachyara, and if you do that you are in hukam, and puran sachyara then you are jivan mukt – hukam boojh param pad paaee. If all your actions and reactions of the current moment are sat karams then you are done, you will achieve stability of your mind – you will win over your mind and panj doot will be in your control, and that is what you want to do – dine sache raatin sache – sada hi sache.


If you can become a puran sachyara in one day, become in puran hukam in one day, get tat gyan in one day, and so with gurkirpa, you can achieve jivan mukti in one day, and we have whole life infront of us. So we have to become a puran sachyara, come under puran hukam, by winning our mind – infact eliminating mun and budhi – braham gyani aham budh tyagat, man beche satgur ke paas – is the key and if you can do it then all your gyan inderey are directly connected to param jyot and you will become under puran hukam. That is all the game we need to play. The  path is very simple but seems complicated, and when you have some one like Baba ji holding your hand and guiding through the entire process then it becomes real simple, the only thing to watch is distractions – bharams, dubidha which shake the belief – just a golden rule to over come all kind of distractions –  whenever something happens to you which prompts you to raise a doubt or a question in your mind about guru and sangat, take for granted that is a test for you – test to evaluate your love for guru and akal purakh, at that time just say dhan guru – 5 times, mera guru pura 5 times and your distraction will disappear.





Naam ki seva (doing naam simran, helping others to do it to)  is the highest seva so please keep it up, you are doing a great seva by bringing your other family members into this.





It is all guru’s and akal purakh’s agami anant apaar and beant kirpa – hamre kie kichu naa hoe kare krawe ape aap – we are just the followers of his hukam – everything is taken care by him – tera bhana mitha lage – sabh kuch tere vas agam agochra – so let us thank him and the guru for providing the opportunity to serve the guru, paar braham and the sangat.





When you start your simran please start with namaskaar (palms together greeting) and dandaot bandhna (lying flat greeting) in your mind to – Akal purakh, Baba ji, Das patshahian, Guru Granth sahib ji, all braham gyanis, sants, bhagats and the sangat – and then start your ardaas as follows:


Hum maha paapi hain pakhandi hain kami hain krodhi hain lobhi hain mohi hain ahankaari hain, kirpa kar ke sadhe guneh baksh de – hum paapi wad guneh gaar tu bakshan haar – kirpa ka mere ghar aa ( mind) – hum bhikhan bhikhari tere tunijhpat hai data – kirpa kar sadhe te – sadhe panj doot vas karde – ek man ek chit karde – garibi ves hirda bana de – man te hirda pavitter karde – esi bhagti te seva le ke es dehi da guldasta ban jaye – sadha sees sada sada tere te guru de charna te rahe, kot brahmand de charna di dhool bana de, bishta de kire da bhi dass bana de, dassan dass bana de, sat naam di seva karye yugan yugan tak, neechan de neech bana de, nimane bana de – smadhi di daat baksh de – visar naahin dataar apna naam deo


Or in English :


I am a great sinner and hypocrite.
I am so full of lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride.
I am the lowest of the low.
I am a great offender and traitor.


I fully accept all of my misdeeds.
You are the Merciful Forgiver.
Be Kind and forgive all of my faults and sins.


I make mistakes with each and every blink and at each and every moment,
Please show your grace and bless me with good thoughts and Guru’s wisdom.
Bless me with Naam, Service and loving devotion.
You Yourself please colour me with Your Love.


Nothing happens because of me,
You Yourself are the Doer of everything.



And then start your simran.


Prabh ka simran sabh te uncha – so continue simran in the morning hours until you need to get ready for going to work and so on. You have done enough of nitnem already, so concentrate on simran, that is the highest service to the akal purakh at this stage of yours – you can play the nitnem on cd in the evening hours, and continue simran as well as listening the gurbani, but devote all of the morning time on simran.  Reading and listening to the gurbani is rewarding, listening to kirtan is also rewarding, but the highest rewards will be from simran. Please read first ashtpadi of sukhmani  and you will know what are the rewards of simran – prabh ke simran anhad zhunkaar – the vibrations you feel in your body is anhad zhunkaar – prabh ke simran trishna bujhe – prabh ke simran sabh kuch sujhe – prabh ke simran hoe so bhala  – prabh ke simran sufal phala – prabh simrat kichu boghan naa laage – prabh ke simran andin jaage – prabh ke simran udhre mucha and so on – the rewards are just incredible !


Understanding sukhmani is more important than mechanical reading and for that you will have to listen to it – but in the end – sukhmani sukh amrit prabh naam – the real sukhmani is the naam amrit and you have that already going inside you. But we will definetely suggest you to listen to sukhmani, you don’t need to follow your nitnem schedule very strictly – just listen to whatever bani you feel from inside you should be listening today – we listen bani for gyan ke moti – and that is the thing you should be looking from listening to gurbani.




One thing more it will be beneficial for all of you if you can meet couple times in a week and sit down for an hour and do simran together and share your experiences with each other. This will be of tremendous help – at least twice a week – in the evening hours. And if both the families can’t meet then at least all the members of one family  should do the evening simran together and if possible in morning also do it together. This way you will create your own sangat and will enjoy the benefit of the sangat in the house.


One thing in mind when you folks get together – avoid discussing household matters, concentrate on sat naam and sift salah (praises) only.  It will be good if you folks can share your experiences with us also, need not be very ellobrative but just a feel of what you folks are experiencing. One thing very important and is the next step to follow after you stablize on your simran at amritvela, is to relieve yourself from the effect of the past life and previous lives so for that please read the article on spiritual cleaning pocess and follow that practice.