52. Meaning of Ik Onkar Sat

IkOnkar SAT

Ik Onkar Sat (means)

The one that is god is true.

Or you can say

Truth is God.

O my mind stay with Truth.

Its going to jump, you have to train it. It never stays where the body is. Body is at home mind is at work, this is what causes delusion and conflict.

O my mind stay with god, with Truth.

Ik onkar sat.

The peace you feel around you is peace of god, its in nature , its all god.  God is entertaining itself.

Ik onkar sat

Learn to know the seven centers inside of you. In the bible they are called seven churches, in hinduism chakraa and sikhism sarovars.

Divine soul lives in sublime(astral/energy) body is embedded in this physical body. Must leave outer body and learn about the internal body.

Internal eternal God we must learn meaning of that if we want to know what love really is. Without that, love does not exist. Love is appreciation of other greater than self. To serve others with joy, not to be served. Love’s joy is it serves it self. And joy of Truth is it serves itself.

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Ik onkar sat

Meaning of “IK Onkar Sat”

FROM SAtNaam Baba Ji, 8 Dec 2012

Ik onkar sat

Put god first and we chant his name and meditate on truth then we will know the truth inside our self. There is no peace in the world, but fhere is peace in nature. The highest peace is inside the sublime heart. The highest realisation is god realisation. Denying that (God) we are a selfish beast, product of hatred and attract hatred.

He who says I am religious should have no hatred if he does he is lying, two faced.

Truth is the remedy for (pains of) life.  “I am the Truth, way and life,’ says God through Jesus. Jesus says, “the Father is in me, I know him I have realised Him.” He is is talking about Truth and Truthful deeds are the way to God and Nanak says the same thing in punjabi.

People study gurbani to get the true word, but the Truth word is lying on top of the book (Ik onkar sat) but they (ignore that and) are looking inside (1430 pages). Ego mind always looks behind, underneath, below to find what is hidden (and doesn’t believe what is simple and infront of them). Ego knows I am not truthful,       neither is other so doesnt believe what is simple as being true.

God in the heart is saying, “do Truth,” but we dont listen to God within, we just listen to the mind because we are stubborn and adamant.  We are empty inside,       chasing a world that is empty.

Even though the stores are full, but no love.  Commercial products are from greed and cant give us peace.

Buying things still we are still not comfortable. We cant get comfort from outside , only from God inside. Its false…opposite of sat sat sat.

Give up falsehood people, give up (prayers of) long lists of wants. And ritual readings are all just greed (for wants to be fulfilled), give it up.

Now be silent (sangat was chanting il onkar sat in background). Put same word (ik onkar sat) into your breath, breathe in deep into tummy, hold it, breathe and bring up the heat. All the rainbow colours are in your chakras. Sublime body runs all your involuntary muscles. God is keeping you alive. You are not breathing He is breathing. Without Him nothing moves, whatever       you are saying you are doing you are lying, He is doing. You lie at home, at work, everywhere, on your taxes, on your passports, lying everywhere.  Egotist cant do Truth, whole existance is a lie. Everyone is in a lie, no peace, no love inside, but we say we are in love if we are licking and kissing each other. Better to lick a rock.

Love is peace around you, its coming around you now. He lives in everything and is all around you. Take away your character and He is there. We walk around like alpha male and alpha female but all cry in the end. Its all false perception,  has no Truth in it. Know your heart then you know the Truth.

The religions have nothing in them, they just  box you into their group, then say they are human. You are a beast in human form, live from the mind v(ego and pride) and you are a beast, but know your heart then you are God.

Love is a state where you never have to say you are sorry because love is God and if that is all you live in then no wrong can be done. But egotist does everything wrong, even saying they are doing truth, but their face tells a different story.

All I have to do is look at your face once and then give you the sharpest wisdom and when you open your eyes I know your inside also.

If you know your true self you will be in peace. If you dont have that you will be a chatterbox, you want to know others so you can say, “I am bigger than you,” that is the way of the beast. Gurbani says, “I am not good no one is bad,” but the beast says, “I am good others are worse.”

Those who dont know the bible cant say they believe in it. The holy books are just your story. Mind  is just rajo sato and tamo, do you know yourself beyond that? Do you know your spiritual center?No, then dont say you are complete. If you are complete you will run to help those in need, everywhere. Truthful one goes to save the lowest hurt people, not just the kings (rich people with problems) that is beast chosing whom to help. Nanak says where the needy are saved God’s mercy is there.

Mothere Teresa had no kids of her own but was the greatest mother to countless orphans.  Sleeping on the floor, wearing  three yards of cloth. Mother of all orphans on this planet, the ones who had one to care about them. Have you helped even one?Have you adopted?  Have you helped? Have you donated?  That is a sign of heart full of compassion.  Or are you just buying and spending on  yourself.

Outside is bazaar for outer beauty but still dark faces underneath (no naam inside for inner beauty).

If you did Truth you will be in joy all day and night serving all that is divine wisdom. Sat naam stands for that, look after needy get God’s mercy.

Human life is to serve God, but you deny God and serve only your selfish self and that is why you are in pain.

Greatest virus (ego and pride) is present in the mind but everyone is saying they are healthy.

Do sat naam as you are breathing, learn to go inside, only then you realise what you are, what soul is, then you realise all is you. Then you will not cheat or fight anyone, all is one god, only ego and five vices fighting and hating others. And teaching how to fight, judge and destroy others. Ego is such a beast.

Hell is on top of this Earth so are the heaven sellers, the lying politicians, the lying cops, the lying UN too.  Is there any decency anywhere in this civilisation?  If you are civilised then why not share wealth and food with all? Because there is no compassion in it.. only for business.

Mother Teresa did it for all, that was love. We all have the potential to be the same.

Bring it (love and compassion) out in your simran then rest of the day have no desires and  no judgements.