53. Sat Shabad Di Mahima

Dhan Dhan SatGur Sachey Patshah Ji is giving divine wisdom of Mahima of the SAT Shabad

Roop sat jaa ka sat asthaan.
Purakh sat kayval pardhaan.
Kartoot sat sat jaa kee banee.
Sat purakh sabh maahi samaanee.
Sat karam jaa kee rachnaa sat.
Mool sat sat utpat.
Sat karnee nirmal nirmalee.
Jisahi bujhaa-ay tiseh sabh bhalee.
Sat naam prabh ka sukh-daa-ee.
Bisvaas sat nanak gur tay paa-ee.

This is one of the most interesting parts of the Sukhmani Bani and presents a divine wisdom of the highest order.  Dhan Dhan SatGur Sachey Patshah Ji has placed these kind of deepest and most priceless jewels of Puran Braham Gyan at various places in GurBani, which are read by millions every day, but are ignored at the same time.  Their non-practice of these priceless jewels is a proof of their ignorance or their ability to keep sticking with the prevailing religious practices.  This is the reason for them not achieving any spiritual progress.  The irony is that they think that just by reading GurBani they have done their duty.  They don’t really pay any attention to what they have been reading and what GurBani is telling them to do.  It is important to mention this because by reading this there may be people who will break their routine and bring a change to their way of looking at GurBani.

Look at this incredible piece of divine wisdom where SatGuru Ji is telling us the Mahima of the Shabad Sat.  Those who understand this divine wisdom and put into practise will make their lives worthy of living and will meet the objective of this human life. 

Dhan Dhan SatGur Sachey Patshah Ji Nanak Dev Ji said the Mool Manter as the first Salok of GurBani.  Mool Manter starts with “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam.”  The Shabad Sat is the key Shabad of the Mool Manter and describes the state and the basis, the foundation on which Braham created Himself.   In fact, Braham is holding Himself in His Atal Awastha, in His Nirgun Saroop on this foundation and this foundation is the ONE AND ONLY ETERNAL TRUTH.  This foundation is defined by the Shabad Sat.

The Shabad Sat means that Ik Oankaar is the Eternal Truth and that is His Naam.  That means that Sat is His Naam.  Sat is the Naam of Ik Oankaar – the Nirgun Saroop of Braham.  This is the Param Jyot Saroop of Braham.  This is the Param Jyot Puran Parkash Saroop of Braham.  This is what is beyond the three qualities of Maya.  This is what is Agam Agochar – which cannot be seen or experienced or felt with the five senses and can only be experienced or felt by the divine sense which is called Dib Drisht.  This part of the Braham which is Sat – Eternal Truth, is Anant, Apaar, Beant, Aprampar and Sarabh Kala Bharpoor.

The Shabad  Sat describes the Amrit.  Sat is the one which never dies as it prevails forever.  It has prevailed from its beginning, is prevailing now and will continue to prevail for all Ages to come, “Aad Sach Jugaad Sach. Hai Bhi Sach Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach.”   Even if we take the literal meaning of the word Sat which means Truth, the Truth always wins as the lie cannot stand before the Truth.  Ultimately only the Truth prevails, the lie dies, the lie never wins.  Everything operating under the influence of the three qualities of Maya is perishable, is non-Truth and is revolving in the cycle of life and death.

The only Primal Eternal Truth is the Almighty Himself and His very existence has emanated from Sat.  He has been standing from the beginning, is currently standing and will remain standing forever on the foundation of this Primal Eternal Truth – Sat.  He is the one who is Ajuni – never dies, beyond the cycle of time and space, beyond the cycle of birth and death.

He is Karta Purakh – the unlimited and unique spiritual power who has created the entire universe and is running it.  He is Saibhun(g) – the One who is self created and self supported on the foundation of Sat.    He is Nirvair – the One who is beyond any animosity and who loves each and every creation of His so much that He has kept a little portion of Himself in each and every creation of His.  This makes Him  omnipresent as He is in each of us.  He is the only Doer and is the unlimited spiritual power – the Sarabh Klaa Bharpoor.  This means He is the owner of all kinds of unlimited powers, capable of doing anything beyond the imagination of a human mind, beyond the five senses of a human being.  The foundation of all this unlimited power is the Shabad Sat – The Eternal Truth and nothing else.

Sat is the Guru. The Guru is the one who takes away the darkness and enlightens us from inside about Divinity and divine wisdom.  The Guru is the one we follow in our daily deeds and there is nothing bigger and better than having Sat as our Guru.   Once we start to practice this divine Shabad in our life by doing Sat deeds then slowly but surely we start to become truthful and eventually we become completely truthful.

At this stage we merge in this Sat part of Braham and become one with Him.  At this stage we see the Truth, we speak the Truth, we do the Truth, we deliver the Truth and above all by doing so, we serve the Truth and this is the highest service of the Almighty, this is the highest service to the Sat which is the Atam Ras Amrit – the highest Amrit, the Nirgun Saroop Param Jyot Puran Parkash.

The practice of Sat makes a soul merge in the Sat and the one who becomes one with Sat becomes a Braham Roop.  By doing so it means that such a soul becomes a source of the Braham Gyan.  Becomes a source of Sat, a source of Amrit for others and is therefore called a Braham Gyani.

Even in the Shabad SatGur or SatGuru, it means that Sat is the Guru.  This means that the one who merges and becomes one with Sat, becomes a Guru. SatGuru is the soul who becomes capable of seeing the Eternal Truth, speaking the Eternal Truth, hearing the Eternal Truth, delivering the Eternal Truth and serving the Eternal Truth.  Above all that soul becomes the Eternal Truth Himself by merging in Braham.  Such a soul becomes a Guru because such a soul can enlighten us from inside and can give us Amrit, can remove our doubts and distractions, can lead us on the Bandgi Marg to Sach Khand and can eventually lead us to Jivan Mukti.

Let us consider GurBani for a brief discussion as well.  The Shabad Sat is the Gurbani as well.  Gurbani is the divine wisdom, its every word is nothing but the description of Sat and by this virtue the Gurbani itself is Sat.  Gurbani itself says that we should become Gurbani which also means that we should become Sat.   This  means that we should become one with the Braham and nothing else.

The practicing of Gurbani will be practicing the Sat – practicing the Eternal Truth and this is  Gurmat.  By practicing Eternal Truth on a continuous basis we become Sat and that is what Gurbani tells us to become.  In Gurbani it is the element of Sat, the element of Eternal Truth which makes Gurbani a Guru too.  It is the Sat in Gurbani which makes it Nirankaar, which makes Gurbani a Saroop of Nirankaar.

Each and every Shabad is the Hukam.  It is the Primal and Eternal Truth, it is therefore Sat, which is the highest Hukam of Akal Purakh Himself.  To become Sat is the highest Hukam of Akal Purakh.  It is the highest Mahima of Akal Purakh.  It is the highest service of Akal Purakh.

The key is to follow the Sat with complete and full belief, with commitment and trust.  By completely dedicating and surrendering our self to the Sat – the Primal Being – the Eternal Truth – the Amrit – the Braham, we become Sat too.  Therefore, the Guru is the Sat, meaning that the Guru is the Braham Himself.  Even in a Braham Gyani or a Sant or a Bhagat,  it is the Sat part that is beyond the three qualities of Maya and is the Guru part.  The Sat part is the divine part, the part of Divinity, the part of divine wisdom and the Param Jyot Puran Parkash (Pure Divine Light).

Nirankaar is Sat Roop when the Hirda He resides in becomes Sat.  That Hirda comes into full internal compliance of winning Maya, the internal compliance of Atam Ras and goes into Puran Sachyari Rehat.  Those who earn the Puran Sachyari Rehat of the Hirda are called Purakh Pardhaan.  Param Padvi is the Purakh Pardhaan.  Param Jyot Puran Parkash in Hirda is the Purakh Pardhaan.  The one who goes beyond Maya is Purakh Pardhaan, a Puran Sant, SatGur, Puran Braham Gyani, a Puran Khalsa.  All of their Karni is Sat Ki Karni.  The highest level of Sat Ki Karni is Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar – uniting people with Naam and helping them walk on this path to Eternity is their Karni and Seva, “Junn parupkaari aaye, jeea daan dey bhagti layan har siun leyn milaayen.”  Their words are Puran Sat and the ones who follow their words merge in the Sat Purakh – Akal Purakh.

The origin is Sat and everything has originated from Sat.  Sat Naam is the key to Sada Sukh, this  means Sat Naam is the key to never ending eternal bliss – Sehaj Awastha, Atal Awastha – 24×7 Samadhi which is a GurParsaad and comes only with infinite trust in the Infinite with unconditional love and devotion.

Please keep on praying for the GurParsaad of Sat Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  This is why we have been blessed with this human life, don’t let it go to waste serving Maya, start focusing on Sat Naam and pave your way to Jivan Mukti.


Sat bachan sadhu updays.
Sat tay junn jaa kai ridai parvays.
Sat nirat boojhai jay ko-ay.
Naam japat taa kee Gat ho-ay.
Aap sat kee-aa sabh sat.
Aapay jaanai apnee mit Gat.
Jis kee sarisat so karnaihaar.
Avar na boojh karat beechaar.
Kartay kee mit na jaanai kee-aa.
Nanak jo tis bhaavai so vartee-aa.

SatGur Sachey Patshah Ji is very kindly giving us more divine wisdom regarding the Mahima of a Sadhu and His divine words.  SatGuru Ji keeps on repeating the same divine wisdom throughout the entire GurBani.  The divine reason behind it is to give us a chance to understand it again if we missed it the last time.  SatGuru Patshah Ji’s patience has no limit, it is infinite, that is why He very kindly keeps on giving us chance after chance to make sure that we take any of these opportunities to carve these priceless jewels into our life.

Please take it for granted that the one who has merged in Sat and has become Sat will only say Sat and nothing but Sat.  This is the Mahima of a Sadhu that whatever a Sadhu says is Sat.  All His words are Sat so they come true.  The important thing is to carve the Sadhu’s words into our Hirda and follow them in our daily life to benefit from them.  The Sadhu is the one whose Hirda has gone into Puran Sachyari Rehat and has become Sat Roop.  He has merged with Akal Purakh and has become one with Him.  His words have been charged with the Infinite Divine Power of Sat and bring a change in our life if followed with trust, devotion and love.

The Sat Bachans of a Sadhu have Infinite Divine Power.  When these words pierce through our Hirda they make us a Sat Junn.  Sat Junn is an unbelievably high spiritual stage, it makes us Sat Roop.  There are some people who go into the Sat Sangat of a Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani with so much devotion, love and trust that Naam goes into their mind right away.  Such people are blessed with the GurParsaad right away.  These kind of people who are so blessed right away are very innocent people.  They don’t question at all and take for granted whatever they hear in such a Sat Sangat.  They don’t have any of their self wisdom or worldly wisdom, illusions or delusions – no Bharams or Dubidha.

They just have infinite trust, love and devotion.  The Shabad, “Sat nirat boojhai jay ko-ay,” describe such people.  For such innocent people the Sant is a living God on Earth.  They take the Sat Bachans of the Sadhu as the word coming out of the mouth of God directly.  When that happens the Sat Bachans pierce their Hirda and then there is nothing that can stop their transformation.  Sat goes into their Surat and Hirda right away and Dhan Dhan SatGur Patshah Ji has very kindly said these Sat Bachans for such people, “Sat tay junn jaa kai ridai parvays.”  Such people become Sat Junn.

The Shabad Sat has given birth to the Shabad Satta, which means the super divine infinite power.  This is what this super Infinite Divine Power does to such people who are so blessed with this GurParsaad.  Such people go into Naam Simran, do Naam Ki Kamai, reach the Puran Bandgi stage and become Sat Roop themselves.  This is the meaning of , “Naam japat taa kee gat ho-ay.” Such people achieve the Jivan Mukti.

As explained in the previous Pauri, Akal Purakh is Sat and whatever He does is Sat.  The entire creation has originated from Sat.  Sat is the super divine infinite power which is the only Doer – Karta Purakh.  He is the Creator and there is no way for the creation – Kiaa to achieve complete divine wisdom about this infinite super divine power.  He is infinite so how can we know about something which is infinite.  Only the Karta – the Creator, knows about His own super divine infinite powers.  He is the only Creator, the only Doer and everything happens according to His Hukam.