9A. Meaning Of Amrit-Dharee


The word “Amrit-Dharee” literally means  “The one who has realised the prescence of Amrit (Immortal God) inside them”.   However over the last three centuries it has been grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted among the Sikh Sangat. This word signifies a very high spiritual state of a soul, and should be used for a soul which has been eternally blessed with Gurparsadi Gurkirpa (God’s Eternal Grace and Guru’s Blessings) and is enjoying a very high spiritual state at least in the Realm of Grace (Karam Khand).


My Beloved Lord’s prescence is the Amrit.
Don’t  hold it back from my mind,
even for an instant. ||1||


SGGS 404


Let us look at what is the real divine meaning behind this highly elevated spiritual state of a soul:


The word “Amrit” means the One God who


  • doesn’t die,


  • is always alive


  • will  remain alive so for all Ages to come


  • was alive in all previous ages.


What is “Amrit”? 


It is the complete pure and pious The Truth.


What is the Truth? 


It is Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Himself (God) and His “Aad Jugadi” (Ageless) Naam – “Satnaam”, as defined in the Mool Mantra.  It is the Gurparsadi (Eternally Blessed by Guru) Naam of Akal Purakh.  It is also described as “Para Purbla Naam” (original primal name) of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar :–


(From the saint’s ) tongue came the praise Names to describe You.
But the Name “Truth” – SAT NAAM – is Your perfect, original Name (chosen by Yourself).

SGGS 1082


The only one who is Eternal is the  “Ik Oankar Satnaam” – the Eternal One God


  • whose name is “Truth”,


  • who is the Creator and The only Doer of everything “Karta”,


  • who is the Immortal “Akaal”,


  • the Unborn “Ajunie”,


  • the Self-Illumined “Sabhung”


Except for IK OANKAR SATNAAM,  everything else is perishable, is recycling and reincarnating, will remain recycling, and involved in the cycle of life and death forever.


The word “Amrit” is the Gurparsadi Naam – “Satnaam” of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar –


I am a sacrifice to the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan.
By the Pleasure of Your Will,
You have blessed me with the Amrit of Your Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||1||



The Naam Amrit – “Ik Oankaar Satnaam” is Gurparsadi and can only be blessed and given by a Puran Sant Satguru – a Puran Braham Gyani, who is completely merged in Dhan Dhan Akal Purakh –


 The Naam is a Priceless Jewel; it is with the Perfect True Guru.




The True Guru gives His Sikh the wealth of the Naam.

SGGS 286


The Amrit  of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is within the True Guru.

SGGS 1424



“Amrit-Dharee” is therefore a soul who has reached that level in spirituality where this Amrit has gone in to the Hirda (heart centre) and Surat (mind consciousness).  Such a soul who is constantly and continuously drinking this divine nectar of Gurparsadi Naam – “Satnaam”.  


Such a condition of spirituality comes only in Karam Khand (realm of Grace) and above stages of Bhagtee  when the soul goes into Ajapa Jaap stage


He possesses all qualities; He transcends all qualities;
He is the Formless Lord. He Himself is in Primal Sunn Samadee .
Through His Creation, O Nanak, He meditates on Himself (ajapa jaap). ||1||

SGGS 290


 and eventually


 The Gurmukh meditates on the Lord with every hair (part) of his body.

SGGS 941


This  means that every bit of the body and soul gets drenched in Naam.  Every bit of the body and soul recites Naam on a continuous basis, and such a condition comes in Sach Khand.  This is when a soul becomes completely truthful and comes under completely truthful conduct (Puran Sachyari Rehat).  This completely truthful conudct (Puran Sachyari Rehat) is when one has :



  • conquered over the Five Thieves  and Hopes, Desires and Wishes,


  • won over Maya completely,


  • won over the mind


  • come under Puran Hukam (Gods Perfect Command), 


  • eliminated the mind of its own wisdom and lets only divine wisdom prevail.


Such is the state of a soul who completely merges in Braham and becomes one with the Almighty.  There remains no difference between such a soul and Braham Himself. Such a soul is called “Amrit-Dharee” who then becomes “Amrit Ka Data” Himself.


This is the Praise of a Amrit-Dharee in a very few words, otherwise the entire Gurbani is the Praise of :-


  • Amrit,


  • Amrit Ka Data (Giver Of Amrit), and


  • Amrit-Dharees (Souls saturated in Amrit).



Dassan Das