A New Divine Dimension Of Giving

A new divine dimension of giving is presented to you.

Divinity (Sat Naam) wants you to give, give and only give. Do you know why Divinity wants you to give? Because the more you give the more you receive back.  Actually what you receive back is a multiple of what you give, so if you give your Tunn – for Seva and Simran then the rewards of this Seva and Simran are multiplied many times and return back to you.

God is infinite, so are His Bhandaars (treasures), so are His divine qualities, so are His divine powers, everything you can imagine is in His treasures in  infinite dimensions.  So the one who is already infinite, what can you give Him? Therefore, whatever you give to Him He returns back to you in multiples; same way when you give your Munn to the Gur and Guru, He blesses you with the divine wisdom.  In the same way that God is Infinite, so is His divine conciousness, the divine conciousness can’t be measured, there are no dimensions of the divine conciousness.  Gurbani calls this divine conciousness Mansarovar, Satnaam Sagar, Gursagar.  Masarovar is infinite, so what can you give to the infinite? He just tests your devotion and trust in Him, and when you give your Munn to Him then He multiplies it and gives it back to you.  That is why we say the dissemination of divine wisdom is a Seva of very high order. So giving Munn connects you to the Mansarovar, Gursagar or Satnaam Sagar. Giving Dhan is the same way, what can we give to Him whose treasures are already infinite, giving Dhan is a test for how much are we attached to the worldly things and possessions.

So the more you are detached from the worldly possessions the more He will multiply and return it back to you, the more money you give to the Gur and Guru, the more you will get back in some form or the other. When you give, you break your Karmic Layers and by doing so you multiply the effect of your giving.  Onthe other hand, by demanding for things you put more Karmic Layers around you and make it worse for you.

Similarly when you pray for worldy things for YOURSELF then you don’t break your Karmic Layers, instead you build more Karmic Layers for yourself (so just pray for gift of naam, sevan and bandagi and forgiveness for mistakes).  But when you pray for others then those prayers penetrate through your Karmic Layers and the other person’s Karmic Layers and create a positive effect, the reward of which is multiplied and returned to you along with a unimaginable benefit for the other person for whom you are praying.

Giving, therefore, brings unimaginable rewards, giving brings you closer to divinity, giving merges you with divinity and make you one with God, giving fills your Hirda with Amrit and all divine qualities and makes it a Sant Hirda.