Anger Is Not A Solution

Anger is not a solution to any issue, anger comes when the ego is hurt, ego and anger complement each other. So what to do ? Forgiveness is the answer – kindness is the answer.  Be kind to them andr be kind to every creation, and forgive them for their ignorance.

It is basically their ignorance of divine truth, so ignorant ones deserves kindness and not anger and abuse, therefore, forgive them all, please forgive them all, and also forgive your ownself as well, because you are guilty of ego and anger as well. Forgiveness is a divine quality, kindness is a divine quality, forgiveness and kindness are infinite and not only that these are infinite divine powers, part of the infinite, which make the God infinite, therefore, please forgive them all and stop looking around you, and start looking inside you and only you, looking outside you will bring you frustration and looking inside you will bring you peace and wherever there is peace there is love, there is devotion, there is humbleness, kindness and forgiveness.

So please learn to be kind, forgiving, humble and fill your Hirda with all these infinite divine qualities. Also forget about the past, don’t think about the future and sieze the present by staying focused on Satnaam. When present is Satnaam, the future will for sure become Satnaam as well, living in past is no living, living in future is no living, real divine living is in the present moment and living in the present moment is living in Satnaam.
God bless you.