Always Be Aware Of Ego

22 Jan 2010

Harjit: the chat we had with you the other day helped many people on the group we think ji.
Thankyou so much for telling us Puran Sat all the time and being true to Him.
Dassan Dass: that is good, it was needed to clear doubts in the minds of the people
Harjit: Everyday we are feeling more love with your blessings ji, so thankyou for getting us through all the difficult times we have been thru in the last few years.
We were thinking earlier of times when we were back in the scum of maya and how you have always lifeted us up, even when we didnt want to try any more.  
We have thought how we knew nothing really in the beginning of all the times ahead and all the scum of maya we were in (and still are!), but looking back we can see we were in deep. We have come to so much peace now in and around us , in our family especially, health wise and mentally, now we need to go forward as far as we can spiritually.

Dassan Dass: when Baba Ji used to tell the sangat the same thing then some people labelled him that he is selling naam, but he was telling the truth, those were unfortunate ones who didn’t understand the truth
However, he is a Naam Kaa Beopaari, Amrit Ki Saar So Hi Janey Jo Amrit Kaa Beopari Jeeoo.  It is hard to bear the Puran Sat but for the same of serving the Puran Sat we have to do so.
Harjit: It would be so easy to just deliver what people want, but we have learned too, that its not about gaining followers or wealth or name and fame, Baba ji has shown us its all about Puran Sat no matter what happens to us in terms of backlash from the world. 
Dassan Dass: that is Puran Sat.  Who cares about the slanderers?
Let them do their job, we will deliver and continue to deliver and serve the truth – Puran Sat to the masses all over to the entire universe.
Deliverance of Puran Sat resulted in so many suhagans in the sangat.  But these suhagans became duhagans when time for test came in their bandgi
and restored to slandering and lost everything they had.
Harjit: its sad really, for someone to go so far, then to fall on their face, because they forgot the basics of just being good people and not thinking bad of anyone.
We think that is why baba ji said to us the first visit to not to focus on spiritual realms, but to focus on beating 5 thieve especially ego.
Dassan Dass: that is true, their ego hurt them so bad they fell flat on their face, they are so unfortuante, but we pray for them.
Harjit: baba Ji’s advice completely changed our perspective.  Baba ji said to us not to think about what Baba ji does in his karmic circle ,
but for me to concentrate on beating my 5 thieves in my family & friends etc (karma) circle. 
So we are glad that it has taken us so long on this path because we have fought all the battles with family and friends and almost won over our thieves now,
with your blessings.  Everyone is living nicely with everyone else now.
"satgur tumaray kaaj savaray, thir ghar basoh har jan pyare" – has come true for us.
Meaning that Satguru ji has taken care of everything.  If we have a good job and family its all because of baba ji, it is true.
Dassan Dass: that is an absolute truth, when you serve your Satguru with tunn munn and dhan that is bound to happen.
Harjit: we can never repay you or babaji for everything you have done and continue to do for us and every single person who comed to you.
Dassan Dass: we deeply appreciate your seva and your hunger for truth to come out to masses
Harjit: We said to our father the other day, that the greatest thing we have learned
is that the most important thing in the whole world is to be able to live in peace with your own mind.
Its our own mind that torments us, not others.
Dassan Dass: that is true, where there is complete silence there is god, when your mind goes to silence then god is forced to appear in side your Hirda
Harjit: Yes ji, you have shown us the way forward and that it can be done only with Eternal Blessings.  We wish these Eternal blessings, the GurParsaad for everyone.
Dassan Dass: giving is an infinite divine power and everyone is blessed with this and so is seva it is infinite divine power
and every one is blessed with this power, but unfortunately people don’t use these divine powers due to their ego and attachment.
Yet they want everything to happen their way, which doesn’t happen, unless you surrender completely

You are the kindest and most compassionate,
you are Sun shining bright always and forever,
your words are true and beautiful. 
Even when the storm clouds come over us,
we just have to remember that the Sun is still shining above them.
You are the sun of suns,
the sun that never stops shining,
you are the living light,
the one serving the whole Creation,
the one in the maggot in manure,
the one in the largest galaxy spinning it around. 
Everything is in you
and you are in everything Dassan Dass ji,
you are Him, He is you. 
He is speaking to us through you,
we forget You, but you dont forget us.
Always and forever keep us at your feet.
Keep us smiling in the awe and wonder of what you are. 
What you are only you know ji,
only you know. 
"Brahmgiani ki gat brahmgiani janay."

Dassan Dass: This is all gurkirpa and gurparsaad, we are just a worthless creature, nothing more than that,
that is what we have learned that we don’t know anything and we don’t do anything,
it is all infinite divine power that does every thing
Our wisdom is zero, our existance is zero, we are a big zero, and nothing more than a zero zilch scum
  . . . . . God is everything, guru is everything, satsangat is everything.

we are happy to sit in your shelter,
to bask in your sun rays,
to enjoy the amrit shower,
to think of the beloved ones of SatNaam
and to know that all is well
when we have the Sant SatGuru in our life.

Dassan Dass:
we are nothing nothing nothing nothing and nothing.
Just a slave of the entire creation – dassan dass.
Harjit: sat naam sat naam sat naam sat naam
Dassan Dass: sada sada satnaam ji
you are sat naam,
sat naam works through you ji,
satnaam kartapurakh does everything,
yet takes credit for nothing. 
We do nothing and want credit for everything!
Please forgive us for our ego, 
We know nothing
yet think we are everything, the Doer. 
You who does know EVERYTHING,
realises what nothing really means.
That is the wonder and amazement of it all, of the divine Play.
"Eeha ka neech dargah ka ooch." (The one who regards themself as the lowest of the low in this world,
is actually the highest of the high in God’s court).
You have shown us through your jeevan (life), that Gurbani is true, true , true.
Dassan Dass: humility and humbleness is the key to the dargah
Death of haumai is jivan mukti and mukti from maya.
Harjit: Mr Singh is fearless ji. 
A while back he challenged Maya to do whatever she wanted, to try her best.
When we read that we got a little frightened,
we felt fear of failing Maya’s tests, but yet he was fighting her head on – fearlessly.
Then he said that when her tests came, they were nothing and he just laughed at her. 
Then he said he could hear her in the background putting thoughts into his mind, but he knew it was her fading away. 
After that he went into higher blessings.
Dassan Dass: that is true, he is doing excellent, we wish everyone becomes like him.
His seva is Dhan Dhan,  the moment he is told something, he puts it in to practice without any questions. 
A real complete surrender is he. 
His parents are dhan dhan,  his family is Dhan Dhan,
the place where he is sitting is dhan dhan
and we are a sacrifice to his devotion love and trust.
Harjit: You have shown us, Mr Singh has followed, may we and the whole sangat come marching through Maya as well.
Dassan Dass: we wish and pray for all of you to become like Mr Singh and Taranjeet and Naamjeevan.
Harjit: thankyou so much, Dandauth bandhna ji
Dassan Dass: God bless you.