Some Go Close To God, Others Far Away

26 Jan 2010

Dassan Dass: satnaam jee

Harjit: satnaam ji, dandauth bandhna ji.

Dassan Dass: God bless you

Harjit: thankyou ji, "nanak tumree kirpa taraay – by your grace we are ferried across."


Dassan Dass: EF is doing good.  We chatted with him a couple of times.  He says that when he reads the book his mind goes to stillness.

Harjit: that is all your blessing ji. There are great souls out there and their ardas is heard when they come to your door ji.

Dassan Dass: he brought his past life Guru’s kirpa along with him in this life
Just like Mr Singh Ji was blessed by Baba Nand Singh Jee in his previous life.
As we said earlier meeting the Sant never goes waste.  It is very rewarding at some point of time in space

Harjit: they are great and thirsty souls, just needing the final blessings at your door ji.
"birtha koee na jaai je aavaay tudh aai – no one goes empty handed if they come with faith."

Dassan Dass: AP is the same.  He has spoken now about his Guru.
He should have gone back to his guru that is what we told him.
We can help him if his Guru wants us to do so.

Harjit: AP told an incredible story of how his life was turned around by his Guru.
We are not sure why he left his guru?  but you were very kind in respecting his Guru by sending him back there first.

Dassan Dass: we do respect his guru, he has transformed this person to such a level it is absolutely amazing.
His guru must be a divinely soul so we bow at his feet.  We told Avtar Ji to completely surrender to his Guru.

Harjit: like how Sajjan Tug was transformed by baba nanak ji and so many others too. 
They have to see their depths (as baba ji said) so that they may never go back there when tempted by maya.
Drink, drugs, women, violence and so on can never tempt Avtar ji again.

Dassan Dass: there are two kind of people who are moving and moving fast at that.  On types is the Sant and
the other one is the ones who are worst in their behaviour – like thieves, murderers and mischievious people.

Harjit: Both are moving fast, but in opposite directions – "ke neray ke dhoor – some go closer to god some further away".

Dassan Dass: The sants move in the right direction but other catagory in the opposite direction.
The ones who move in the opposit direction, when they change their direction they do wonders.

Dassan Dass: They make wonderful progress.  That is what happened to Avtar Jee. 
Their is third kind of people as well, they are like stagnant water.
The first two kinds move fast like a water stream, one going up and one goind down.
But the majority remain like a stagnant pool – not going anywhere and just rotting.

Harjit: it takes some kind of major dukh to make people wake up, otherwise we sit and rot in our comfort zone.
Dassan Dass: that comfort zone is the stagnant pool.
But Dukh stirs the stagnant pool. 


Harjit: Christians reach out the ones who are suffering through there charity work, and that is why they find many souls who completely turn around.

Dassan Dass: yes that is right, but our folks are very poor in giving out to charity
Christians give their dasvandh to their churchs, whereas our folks throw a dollar and eat five dollars in langar.
Whereby carryin back their karma in the negative direction instead of getting benefitted.

Harjit: yes!!! that made us laugh – it is true – if we went to a restaurant to order the food we eat in our langar
– for a family of four would cost at least $40!  So by throwing $4 in the golak – and think its a bargain!

Dassan Dass: that is right, we never give dasvandh
Imagine if everybody gives dasvandh then how much spiritual progress will be there.

Harjit: Someone said he wasn’t ready for kids because kids are expensive!
We said to our wife that we noticed with most people we met in the west, that they are completely selfish.
The first time they think of others is when they find a partner and try to spend some money on them.
But when they get married and have kids then they really start thinking of someone apart from themselves.

Dassan Dass: so are our folks as well, may be a little better

Harjit: but at least by us going to gurdwara as kids we learnt to serve and to share
But even Punjabi people are becoming like westerners now ji.

Dassan Dass: that is true.  But there is a lot more than that that needs to be learned from the giving and sharing perspective.

Harjit: giving and sharing really isnt in the culture of most people,  everyone looks for SALEs and bargains and getting things for free.
Or lying and cheating to get better deals. Now and again when there is a disaster like Haiti or some TV show appealing for money, they give. 
Otherwise not.

Dassan Dass: our folks are when it comes to dasvandh then they will say we can’t afford it

Harjit: Many peoople make the excuse that they already give tax, so daswandh will be giving another tax?
But you are right, these are all excuses and the miss the point that sharing and giving is what is going to open their heart to the Divine Love.

Dassan Dass: that is how you are going to get mukti from maya

Harjit: That where compassion for the needy is, is where Gods mercy reigns down (says guru nanak ji).
Would you suggest that people in the sangat get involed in local charities?
We think maybe alot of people need to do alot more seva before they are going to be able to do a lot more simran?

Dassan Dass: giving dasvandh to the guru is the biggest charity and most rewardig charity.
That is what gurbani says.

Harjit: and that is total surrender.

Dassan Dass: yes, that is the real divine surrender, but giving to charities is not a bad idea at all.

Harjit: thankyou for all your blessings, with your blessings we have been able to get free of more and more desires every day, and able to surrender more as well. With yor blessings may we surrender everything and lose our fear of losing things in maya.
May our heart fill with the love of your lotus feet ji more and more everyday.

Dassan Dass: God bless you, we have to go now.

Harjit: thankyou ji.  Dandauth bandhna ji.

Dassan Dass: thanks to you.