Total Surrender And Giving Daswandh

19 Jan 2010.


dassandass3: satnaam jee

harjit: satnaam ji, dandauth bandhna ji
how are you ji?

dassandass3: doing fine.
Thanks for your seva and dedication

harjit: its only with your blessings ji.  We are trying to go to sleep on time and have a good routine again now. With your blessings we are surrendering more of our bad habits everyday.


dassandass3: Just reading Mr Singh Ji’s message.  Mr Singh ji has been recognized by the Mansaovar, by all sants and bhagats. 
He saw himself in the mansarovar among all sants and bhagats. He is now in a 24 hour smaadhi ji.

harjit: Mr Singh ji is like a new sun shining in the world ji, we are all blessed blessed blessed by him being in the world.
We are inspired by him ji, just seeing his journey in the last year has recharged us as well.
dassandass3: yes, he took very less time in his journey

harjit: our dad mentioned that he had logged into our email (we must have used it as his house and it reconnected him )
We knew our dad must have checked up on us!

dassandass3: that is good

harjit: He said he had read an email from Mr Singh ji about becoming the light head to toe, and your reply saying that was great.
Our Dad knows that is all possible, but he doesnt strive for it himself. 
He will always mention that he has met people who saw and felt all these things but were actually not in a blanaced state of mind –
either they had suffered extreme depression, or where living very extreme lives.

dassandass3: what he thinks is not right

harjit: That is his experience, we have also seen what happened to our cousin and others.  But we said to our father, they just read books and had no guru
and burnt out.  But you are right we do not really know what happened to them.

dassandass3: Ask him to read the sukhmani book

dassandass3: tell him we have never met Mr Singh ji face to face

harjit: ok ji, we did mention to him about Mr Singh being a blessed soul internally.  


harjit: We think our father must have tried doing simran and sitting for long hours when we were very young,  But since then he always makes excuses not to do it.
Saying that he cant do sitting for long hours and that Guru Nanak Ji’s way is to live family life and just do simran as you work and live, etc. 
And that striving for spiritual expereinces etc is not natural, and for most people a sign of not balanced mental state.

dassandass3: if he starts reading the Explanation Of Sukhmani book then he will go in to simran.

harjit: Yes, we will give him the book ji – although that is another thing he doesnt like doing – reading!!!  But our mum will read it we pray.

dassandass3: that will help her too.

harjit: He is 70 now and did lots of seva of sants, but lost his enthusiasm, and always talks like he has a bitter taste from bad experiences of serving sants, priests and even relatives. 
With your blessings he is 70 and who knows how much time he has, so he should make the most of it.

dassandass3: His seva of sants will not have gone to waste

harjit: thankyou ji.  Its because of their seva while we were young, that we met so many sants and got blessed as well – Sant Isher singh ji, Jole wale sant and others.

dassandass3: yes that is true sant’s darshans and seva never goes waste.  But tell him highest seva of a sant is doing naam simran –
"sant ki seva naam dhyaaiey." Tell him that earning the words of a sant is the highest seva of a sant as well.
Tell him whatever gurbani says it happens physically if you do what gurbani says.

harjit: always keep us in this highest seva as well ji, 
we have realised how to deal with our negative ego now (the side that says "you are no good at sirmran etc"),
we used to get deflated and frustrated by it and give up trying, after trying so hard. 
But recently with your blessings, we have realised it is negative side of ego, and we try not to react to it now,
and just try to be thankful for whatever we get and whatever we dont get.

dassandass3: if you remember we have been telling you right from the begining to focus on satnaam simran.
As we said it is no magic, it is just putting the words in to practice that brings unimaginable fruits.
The moment Mr Singh ji recognized his guru he has made unbelievable progress
The moment he started doing what we told him to do, he has made so much progress, because this is a divne law, following these divine laws is the key to success.


harjit: yes ji, satnaam simran and total surrender, we understand that now. 
Mr Singh said it to us once as well, that whatever good happened to us in bhagti happened when we totally surrendered and not for any other reason.  
Otherwise we were always looking back into our past for the secret formula i.e What was i doing at that time when that experience of Divine Light happened (eg being strict about religious rules).
This is a very simple path ji, but it has taken us a long time to get rid of the emotional and mental baggage that didn’t let our mind sit still and do simran,
 we feel mostly free of it now.

dassandass3: the secret formula is total surrender to the guru – again to the satguru.
Sometimes people think that they will give the dasvandh of the earnings to some other place, which is not surrender to the guru.
The surrender has to be to the satguru who gives you the gurparsaad. Giving dasvandh to the guru is giving to none other than your ownself.
In fact you can’t give anything to the guru, it is the guru that gives you everything.
Giving is another secret formula, it is bandgi, wereas asking is business.

When you give dasvandh to the guru the guru puts in the remaining 90 percent from his own treasures and gives EVERYTHING back to you.
Just by giving as little as a dasvandh (a tenth) brings you jivan mukti. 
Just giving as little as dasvandh brings you Chaar padarath- kaam, moksh, arth and dharam (four gifts for living).

Is it a bad deal?

harjit:  these exact thoughts were coming to us earlier today as well,
Gurbani says "tan munn dhan Sabh saup GUR kau – surrender ALL your mind, body and wealth to your Guru",
but people like our father accuse holy men of just collecting wealth, and rather give their money to the Gurdwara,
or like now Haiti disasters and so on. 
But you are right, it is good to help the needy and and charities, but by not giving daswand to the SatGuru, it is an act of not surrendering to the SatGuru
who gave us the GurParsaad of Naam.   It shows they have resistance, they dont have 100% faith. 
We had a dream ealier this year when we resolved to give daswandh (in secret) to satguru ji. 
Then our wife found out and We had to face her wrath. We really struggled at that time with our wife to do this.
We had big arguments but stayed strong and gave daswandh.  
After that we were blessed with a dream were a sevadar gave Baba ji some money and said this is from Harjit. 
And Baba ji asked "what does Harjit want in return"  (like its a business deal) and we ran towards Baba ji because that was wrong,
and said "Baba ji we give you everything."

After that we started going into samadhi and being blessed by all kinds of sants. 
We are trying to get back to that now ji with your blessings, we slipped up a bit after that.  Because we started thinking that we could buy all kinds of things
for ourself and family with the money we are giving as daswandh.  so we had unfullfilled desires to take care of again.

dassandass3: Then people make another excuse that the Guru takes the dasvandh for himself. 
(They accuse their Guru of being greedy), but really they don’t want to give.  But then they end up losing in some other form.
Imagine if everybody gives dasvandh in the Satnaam Parivaar, then every body will become a Sant Hirda
and how much then they will have to offer to the world. 
Guru Gobind Singh jee asked for a head and he got only five of them so the ones who gave themselves to the guru became puran braham gyanis,
imagine if everyone in the crowd would have done so then everyone would have been blessed with puran braham gyan?

harjit: That would be the true Sadh Sangat. We think it is very simple to understand if people think of it in terms of love.  
For the love of our children or family we spend lots of money, do anything we have to and not think twice about it. so we are all capable of
giving out of love and making sacrifices out of love.  But can we love our Guru like that, can we transcend our family love?
Bhai Lehna ji loved Guru Nanak ji so much and gave everything.  All the following Guru jis did so, all the past Bhagats did so, it was love.
It wasnt even a matter of the Guru asking for it, or following of rules by the Sikh.
When we truly love our Guru, like Bhai Lehna Ji, then we dont need anyone to tell us to give Daswandh or give time to do seva,
it comes from within us to give everything.

dassandass3: yes that is true, people keep on making the same mistake which was made by the crowd in satgur gobind singh ji’s sangat
on the day of baisakhi.  They keep running away from their Guru and not surrendering to him.  This is the secret formula,
actually now there is no secret in this formula.  The Gurus have revealed it to us. 
The moment the surrender is complete there is Akal Purakh standing to greet you with open arms in the Dargah (as has just happened to Mr Singh ji).
So simple. So easy.  So fast.

harjit: yes ji, we all know that money is not going with us and we leave it all behind because we have no choice when physical death comes.
But only the ones who freely give up their attachments to it whilst alive become free whislt alive – jiwan mukt.
dassandass3: "apnaa aap gawaayeaa taan sauh paayeaa – losing oneself one realises God."

harjit: Thankyou so much, we always see that in your bandagi, how much you just surrendered to Baba ji – all out of love. 

dassandass3: and also "bin satgur suhaag naa hoyee ram – without a Satguru one is not accepted by God."

harjit:  We have to go now. 
Please bless all of us to fall in love with our Satguru ji’s holy feet, with your holy lotus feet

dassandass3: thanks for your patience – God bless you
harjit: dhan dhan sukhee raho ji
harjit: thankyou for everything.