SATMEET blessed experiences

Kottan Kottan Dandaut Bandana Aapji de Satcharana Vich Satguru Parbraham Pita Parmeswar ji Pitaji we wanted to share few experiences with Aapji Sat Grace

While doing Simran Aapji Showed Sant souls came in room, they were in Vishal roop, we did Dandaut to them, after a while Baba Deep Singh Ji came along with few singh sahibans, We did Dandaut to them, then baba Deep Singh Ji blessed us, kept their hand on our head for a while, after that they kissed our Forehead and then other singh sahibans kissed our Forehead, then Guru Gobind Singh Ji came and sprinkled Amrit on everyone and there was White Prakash in whole room During another Simran session Aapji Showed Guru Nanak Dev Ji came and Sat in front of us, we did Dandaut to them, we told Isha to do Dandaut to guru ji and they blessed her also by placing their hand on her head

Then Guru Nanak Dev Ji was raising a finger in air, we asked them what they are doing, then they said they are spreading Prakash everywhere, and they showed where ever there is darkness in the world they are spreading Prakash there, just like Sun rise after the Darkness of the night, Then many Dargahi Souls came in room, we did Dandaut to them, after that we went in Samadhi, Then Aapji Showed we were traveling on top of a very Huge White Eagle with Aapji, after a while we reached a beautiful Garden, we got down from the Eagle, Garden was very beautiful, with many different flowers and trees and many butterflies there, all the butterflies touched Aapji feets, then Aapji told us that these butterflies are actually Satnaam Sangat

Then We again got on the eagle with Aapji, and all the butterflies also got settled on the eagle, eagle started flying and after a while we reached a very white place, there was pure white crystal type snow there and in center a path going somewhere, we got down from eagle and started walking with Aapji, rest of sangat/butterflies stopped at the starting of that path, we went ahead with Aapji, after walking for somewhile there came a cliff, then Aapji told us to jump from there, we said Satbachan and jumped from there, while we were in the Air, all our clothes got removed, many Blackishness was removed from within us, then we fall into Amrit sarovar and there was a waterfall on the right side we were going deep inside the Amrit sarovar,more Blackishness was removed and we got cleaned up more, when we came up on the sarovar a hand came to took us out from the sarovar and by the time we hold that hand we were fully cleaned and full of strong white Prakash, and as we got out from sarovar suddenly we got wrapped up in pure white clothes, so we started walking, it was an white place open from all the sides except only the roof was covered, roof was also pure white, after walking a bit, in front of us was a Singhasan and Sat Parbraham Ji were sitting on the singhasan in white Prakash form, we did Dandaut to them sat there, Sat Parbraham Ji blessed us, we requested Sat Parbraham Ji to please keep us there only we dont want to go back, after that we went into Deep Samadhi, then when we got up we heard a voice that “You are always here but you have been sent on earth for some reason” then we got back in our room and saw Guru Nanak Dev Ji sitting in front of us and we got merged in Guru ji, after that Prakash rays started coming from us and spreaded everywhere

Pitaji during local sangat at Yogeshwar ji house Aapji Showed hall was full of Dargahi Souls, Guru patshahis, Aapji was also present there, lots of Amrit barkha and Flowers were being showered there, then When Sarabjit aunty ji came there we went into samadhi and again reached the same above place where sat Parbraham Ji were sitting on a Singhasan, but this time Sarabjit aunty ji and Yogeshwar ji were also present with us there, we all were very white, then sat Parbraham Ji blessed three of us together, and said ” Jao Sarbat da bhalla karo hun”

During another Simran session at home many Dargahi Souls came and after a while Narad Muni Ji came, they Told us that Shri Krishan Ji send them here, it’s very blissful and peaceful here, after that they started enjoying Simran and dancing as well, then Krishan Ji also came in Vishal roop, when we all(family) stopped doing Simran after a while, then Narad Ji said that they just came here and they want to listen and dance and enjoy more Simran and told us to do more Simran with everyone, then Dargahi Souls also started saying to do more Simran, then Aapji voice came that when hukam happens then do it that very moment, then Dargahi souls said ‘mang lo jo mangna hain first do the simran’ we asked everyone to chant Satnaam and we all started doing Simran and they(Dargahi Souls and Narad Ji) all started dancing, then sant Rumi Ji also came they were also Dancing and enjoying the Simran Bhul chuk di Shima Bakshna Pitaji Sab kuch aape Aap ji Data karta tuhitu tuhitu