Appreciate The Grace We Already Have

Guru Pancham Patshah Ji  is continuing to give us divine wisdom about the unlimited grace of the Almighty on us for our survival in this world.  Look at the Gur Kirpa and GurParsaad we already have:-

·         The first and the foremost Kirpa is that we have been given the human life to realize our spiritual goals.
·         Next, He has created all of the basic elements necessary for our survival.  These are priceless natural resources – air, water and fire.  He has  given them to us in abundance and free of cost.  The air is available to us all of the time and everywhere we go in abundance.  It is the essential for keeping life going on.  The supply of water is free from all natural resources.  However, man has now started putting a price tag on it in the big cities.  Water is necessary for the Earth to grow the food needed for our survival.  We need water for our survival and the survival of the entire universe. 
·         God is now giving us this divine wisdom through Shri Guru Sahibs via Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  He has been very kind upon us and given us all of the divine rules and laws which if followed will make our life worthy and useful to everybody else.  It will bring us salvation and unite us with the Almighty when our time to exit comes. 
·         He has given us all of the amenities for leading and enjoying a comfortable life according to our Karni in the past lives.
·         He has given us a wonderful family to live with.
·         He has given us various kinds of foods to sustain us. 
·         When He created us He gave us a beautiful body consisting of hands, legs and feet, ears, eyes and tongue to really enjoy our life to the fullest extent and as well make use of this life to its fullest extent.  It is worth noting here that without all of these things our life would have been a curse.  Look at a person who is handicapped.  Imagine a blind person, a lame person, a deaf and dumb person and compare our life with this kind of a person.  Then think how fortunate we are to be having all of these elements of our body intact.  In fact, the ones people who are handicapped in this life are because of their Karni in the previous lives.  Similarly poverty comes because of our Karni in previous lives.  One of the great Saints said that all of the beggars we see around were kings or very rich people in their previous lives, but they didn’t do any Punn Daan, so they became beggars in this life.  That is what Gur Bani says – “Jeyha bijey so luney karma sandra kheyt.” 

·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·        

That is why it is necessary for all of us to concentrate ourselves on Sat Karni which will bring a comfortable and prosperous life to us in future. 

In summary, there is an unlimited amount of happiness, comfort and all kinds of amenities that are available to us.  But, it all depends on our Karni as to what we get.  If our Karni is good then we get more and more.  If it is bad then we can become handicapped, a beggar and so on.  However, we are so selfish and idiotic that we have forgotten the one who is giving us all of these things.  Forgotten the One who has been very kind on us and given us this human life to enjoy all of these things and still be able to reach salvation.  He has given us a golden opportunity to live a happy and prosperous life and meet the Almighty, but unfortunately we have forgotten Him.  However, it is not too late.  Even now if we wake up and realize the superpower behind all of this and start praying to Him for the GurParsaad of Naam, Puran Bandgi and Seva, then He is very kind.  He will give us His grace and we will be able to realize our spiritual dreams as well as enjoy the human life to its full extent.  Only the GurParsaad of Naam, Puran Bandgi and Seva can make us win over Maya and reach salvation stage.