Realise Who Is The Real Doer Of Everything

It is believed that the human being is the highest creation of Akal Purakh.  Just look at the history of mankind.  Look at the progress made in the fields of education, science, technology and medicine.  There has been surprising progress made in every sphere of life.  This shows us that the human being is the best creation of Akal Purakh.  That is what Guru Patshah Ji is telling us here, that Akal Purakh has crowned the human with all of the powers that have lead us upto the modern day living standards we currently enjoy.  He takes care of the human in the womb of the mother, after the birth, in childhood, during youth and through old age too.  He meets all of our physical and mental needs.  He is the only Doer, Karta Purakh and does everything for us to keep us going through all of these stages of life.  However, He can only give us according to our Karni from the previous lives and so on.

Most people get deluded here.  Due to their Haumai they think they are doing everything for themselves.  They forget the One who has created them and fulfills all of their physical and mental needs according to their Karni.  They think they survive due to their own wisdom and worldly wisdom.  Without giving any thinking to the existence of the Almighty and His divine wisdom they exit the world having wasted their life.  However, the awareness to understand the existence and powers of the Creator comes only with GurParsaad and Gur Kirpa and only those who are blessed with the GurParsaad of Naam, Puran Bandgi and Seva.