Ardas To Eliminate The Mind

All other methods and techniques are again self wisdom, worldly wisdom or DurMat – and will not take us out of the trap of Maya.  Only Puran Braham Gyan, Puran Tat Gyan and Puran Bandgi takes us beyond Maya, where there are no Panj Doots and no desires.  Until our mind is eliminated, Ardas for forgiveness is a divine blessing.  Let us always be praying like this:-

“Hum maha paapi hain, maha pakhandi hain, maha kaami hain, maha krodhi hain, maha lobhi hain, maha mohi hain, maha ahankari hain… I am a great sinner, a great hypocrite, full of lust, full of anger, full of greed and full of pride.  You are kind and forgiving.  Please forgive my bad deeds and sins.”  Praying like this all through the day and night, whenever we remember, will help us a great deal.