How To Clean Up Your Past Deeds

If we are able to clear our mind, our Chitter-Gupt (records), from the influence of our past lives then we will be able to clean up our soul from the negative effect of all of the past bad deeds.  What we have to do is very simple and easy.  We will take one Doot at a time.  Let us start with Kaam first of all.  It is the easiest one to handle.

Tomorrow morning after doing Ardas and after doing Simran for about 15 minutes to settle the mind down, say:-

“Kirpa kar ke KAAM vas kite sadhe sare gunah sanoo dekha de,
Aasi apne sare gunah kubool karne ha ji –

Please with Your kindness show me all my sins
that I have committed under KAAM in my whole life.”

Then scan through our entire life.  You will see all of your sins appear before your eyes, like a film.  First of all you will see the most serious or most recent sin.  Followed by another one and another.  Keep on accepting responsibility for these sins of yours.  Ask for forgiveness with your whole heart and it will be pardoned.  Keep doing this until you feel completely cleansed.  It may take a few hours.  It may take a few hours for a few days.  It may even take more than a week or even a month.  No matter how long it takes, just keep doing it and don’t stop until you are sure that your mind has been completely cleansed.

Then repeat the process for each of the remaining Doots – Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar.  Deal with only one at a time.  It may take a few weeks or even a few months or even longer before you are completely done.  But, stick with it.  Following that, then stay alert by watching your daily deeds, actions and reactions continuously.  Remain focused on the Truth.  Make all of our deeds truthful.  Every morning after doing Ardas and starting Simran, it is a good idea to scan through all of the previous days deeds to see if they were done under the influence of the Panj Doots.  Then to accept responsibility, ask forgiveness and cleanse the mind.

If we want to make it more quick and effective, then confess and accept your misdeeds in front of the Sangat.  Even with the best care exercised in our daily routine, you are still bound to make mistakes.  To remove the effect of these mistakes you will have to keep on accepting your misdeeds and pray for forgiveness.  These prayers should be conducted several times in a day in addition to the one you are doing at the commencement of your morning and evening Naam Simran.  The requirement here is to make your Karni a truthful Karni, and once your Karni becomes truthful, then your inside will also be cleaned completely and eventually you become a Sachyara.

This process will work best only if you are dedicated and fully surrendered to the Gur and Guru.  You need to be giving Dasvandh to the Guru, ten percent of your time every morning to Naam Simran and also ten percent of your earnings to the Guru and to charity.  This process, once complete, will completely change your behavior.  You will become very cautious in your daily activities.  You will notice the moment a bad thought enters your mind and will stop it right there and then.  Believe us, this does wonders for your daily life.  Your spiritual journey goes on a fast track.  You feel the difference within yourself.  Your family sees the change in you too.  Your family and friends are also effected for the best with the improvements in your character and behavior.

The key to success is the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva, Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  This is granted only when we go to the sanctuary of the Gur and Guru.  This is granted only when we go to the Charan Sharan of the Gur and Guru and earn GurBani by practicing it in our daily life.  When this happens then the real Bandgi starts and with GurParsaad and GurKirpa, all of the Panj Doots and desires come under our control.  Then we no longer remain under their control.  This is what is meant by winning over the mind.  Then the mind comes under direct control of Param Jyot and all of our senses and body part operate under Puran Hukam of Akal Purakh.  There is no self wisdom left, only divine wisdom prevails.