Attitude To Work And Taking Opportunities

29 Jan 2010

Dassan Dass: satnaam jee

Harjit: dandauth bandhna ji

Dassan Dass: God bless you jee

Harjit: thankyou ji.  God bless you always and forever ji.

Dassan Dass: thank you so much


Harjit: We felt more light yesterday whilst doing simran in the waiting area
where our kids were swimming yesterday, thankyou ji, but we have been grumpy since then – desires coming back!
But at least we recognise that it is just the voice of ego trying to pull us down.

Dassan Dass: desires will keep on coming, but look at them if they are bad or good.
They will continue until winning the maya.
Winning maya will bring contentment.

Harjit: they are very subtle desires.
We watched the owner of Oracle talk about the new vision he has for our industry),
then we feel that we should be doing much better in our technical job than we are,
then we get frustrated with ourself for neglecting that side….!!!!
Its all useless thoughts, but we ask that we are happy an content were we are ji.

Dassan Dass: that is true, but striving for improvement in your job is acceptable.
That is a part of the kirat (work) and kirat is pavittar (pure i.e. good deed).
So don’t ignore it, that is not a desire, but it is a part of kirat (work) and karam (actions).
And doing Sat ki kirat (truthful work) and karni (truthful deeds) is good.

Harjit: ok ji, we will focus on that side as well and not neglect it.

Dassan Dass: yes please.  If there is an opportunity in your way take it that is hukam too.
This is a part of your rewards for your seva as well.

Harjit: ok ji, we always shy away from opportunities
as we always have some fear in us that runs away from taking responsibility. 
It is actually been holding us back for 15 years.

Dassan Dass: no please take this fear away and focus on your responsibility as well
As we said kirat (work) and kirtee (divine praising) go together.

Harjit: with your blessings ji, we will face these fears. 
We dont have these fears outside of work, But at work we do. 
And will work on overcoming them.

Dassan Dass: don’t expect anything exotic
but taking an opprtunity in your way is not wrong.
And no fears whatsoever.

Harjit: yes, take opportunities with full faith in Satguru ji taking care of everything.

Dassan Dass: become fearless, and yes that is true give credit to Satguru by thanking Him.

Harjit: its all guru ji’s kirpa ji, whatever we have is all guru ji’s kirpa.
And whatever we dont have is also His Kirpa.  May we finish our journey now.

Dassan Dass: When we were laid off then Baba Ji did ardaas for us to find a job
and told us that we will get a better job, and that is what happened,
our current job is far better then the one we lost.

Harjit: yes He takes care of His beloeved.

Dassan Dass: the whole of Michigan (where Dassan Dass ji was laid off) is in trouble due to lay offs
in the auto business, and mostly indian folks losing their jobs,
but look at us, He took us out of Michigan and placed us at a far better place.
With better position and money and a cleaner place.

Harjit: yes we saw a TV programm about even middleclass people becoming homeless in Detroit.

Dassan Dass: yes, and that is where Nindya of Baba Ji happened – what a devastating effect of Nindya.
And Indian families who did nindya are effected.

Harjit: we also thought that as well, Gurbani says that where the sant is praised,
that place becomes green,  and the opposite is true as well.

Dassan Dass: only Roma Ji is left in there, and she will also move out in a few years

Harjit: its incredible what happened in Michigan,
how the mighty car industry has fallen taking down the whole town – except the sants and good people like Roma ji.

Dassan Dass: and look where Baba JI moved,  Toyota set up a huge plant.
Bringing a lot of prosperity into that area.

Harjit: yes, baba ji told us in 2003, that He did the seva of cleaning up the environemnt
from all those ghosts and spirits hanging around graveyards
and how the town was beginning to prosper again.
"sa dhartee bhaee hariaavalee jithay mera satguru baytaa jai –
that place becomes green and fertile where my Satguru resides."

Dassan Dass: so is the place where we are at this time,
everywhere there are layoffs but here we are running all three shifts
and more people are being hired now.

Harjit: what does your job involve?  Is it technical or managerial now?

Dassan Dass: the company has just declared about 900 millions in profit for last year

Harjit: incredbile!

Dassan Dass: the current position is improving product quality and reliability.
It is more of a managerial type assignment and the boss wants us to get a promotion already later this year.

Harjit: we suppose with many people  (like I was) motivation at work is a problem.
They are unproductive and waste time because they are unhappy. 
But with this path we become a servant and serve even at work with full motivation,
and get rewarded as you have been.

Dassan Dass: so these things are just a by-product,
they come by themselves, don’t have to worry, just stay focused.
Whenever you go in a meeting just say satnaam and it becomes more productive.
problems get resolved by themselves, people work on them by themselves.

Harjit: do you get people who work with you who feel that you are different? 
That they feel peace near you or anything like that?

Dassan Dass: we don’t discuss this thing with them at work, as it is against the rules,
but we can feel the peace around and always try to help them in some way or the other.
Harjit: when a new colleague came near us , we felT lots of heat and amrit,
like a lot of her filth/worries had just been cleared from her and washed in our hirdha.

Dassan Dass: one thing more when we got this job we were almost 61,
and normally who would like to hire a person full time at that age?

Harjit: yes, for a normal perosn it would have been very worrying at that age.

Dassan Dass: but the hiring manager asked us how many more years would you work?
And we said as long as you want us to work.
And now we can work upto 70 if we want.
So the bottom line is that these things are just by-products
and are rewarded to help you live a comfortable life by the grace of the Guru and God.
This is all gurkirpa and gurparsaad.

Harjit: what would you say about having savings, paying into pension funds,
investing into property, buying shares etc? 
We have done all these things in the past under the influence of maya i.e. for personal greed,
but now just keep it very simple.  
However, some young people in the sangat seem to earn and spend/give it all away, not thinking of future
eg saving a deposit for a house or whatever – what would you advise?

Dassan Dass: we would say the same thing, if there is an opportunity then take it,
but should not be out of greed or hunger to possess more and more.
Just remember whilst taking the opportunity that everything belongs to God.
At the same time if you lose then don’t get upset and lose your faith.
Because you can loose as well.

Harjit: yes, we are beginning to understand ji.
There is nothing wrong with prosperity, just avoid getting greedy.

Dassan Dass: that is exactly true.  Use the prosperity in a truthful manner.
Not in drinking and other bad habits, but on good things – truthful deeds.

Dassan Dass: is that enough for today, you have a wonderful sangat tonight,
and god bless everyone who comes in the sangat,
and please pay our dandaut to the sangat tonight,
god bless you, we will see you later.

Harjit: thankyou for all your words, they lift us every time.
Dandauth bandhna ji.
Dhan dhan sukhee raho.

Dassan Dass: thanks

Harjit: We will give your dandauth to the whole sangat ji.

Dassan Dass: thanks to all of them.