Sangat and Blessings

27 Jan 2010.

Dassan Dass: satnaam jee.
Harjit: satnaam ji, dandauth bandhna ji.

Dassan Dass: how is Friday’s sangat going ?

Harjit: Friday sangat is always blessed ji. In the sangat, Susan also said she has started reading the blessed book.  She could feel amrit coming from the book up her hands and arms and it got so hot she had to put it down.  She also kept feeling to do 2.5 hrs simnra, kept resisting, but in the end when she did it her mind went into peace.
She was forever thankful to you ji, as she said she is not worthy, she doesnt do anything in terms of seva and simran , yet you keep blessing her.

Dassan Dass: she should start now, she will do great by doing so.

Harjit: ok ji we will remind her.  Last friday Parminder ji brought his blessed mother and sister too.

Dassan Dass: encourage people to do so – bring new people in to sangat

Harjit: Namjeevan and Parminder’s mother have past connection said Namjeevan ji.  Very motherly feelings.   
Then in their simran, Parminders mother (who has good inner vision) saw Namjeevan standing by her side blessing her.
Dassan Dass: that is true, then only sanjog (meeting) happens

Harjit: But then in her simran she also went to Haiti and saw a room of people getting crushed, then she couldnt stop crying, and was tearful even after opening eyes.  She said she has many, many dreams about things.

Dassan Dass: she is blessed and can see what is happening, but she should not be affraid of this
This is a divine blessing, but she should use this power for the betterment of the others.

Harjit: ok ji, she also said she was blessed to see Dhan Baba nanak with pooran prakash around him, so that moringin she went to the nagar kirtan for his gurpurab.  she is blessed soul ji. Jaspal ji was also feeling lots of amrit and peace and smiling.

Namjeevan ji said she had had a very prfound expereince the week before (we were not able to make it though),
where she saw the whole room filled with pooran parkash, and since then her state had changed.
We did not really understand – "brahmgyani ki gat brahmgiani janay – only a brahmgyani understands another brahmgyani."

Dassan Dass: when we go to bed every night, we see the entire room filled with parkash (Divine Light).
when we focus on our eyes every thing infront of us gets hidden in bringh parkash.
When we focus on grass and trees everything turns in to parkash, this is all incredible,
showing He is present everywhere, seeing nirgun in sargun

Harjit: "sabh meh jyot , jyot ha soi, tis deh chanan sabh meh chanan hoi –
All is Divine Light, Divine Light is All.  Because of this Divine Light, everything has light within."
– Guru nanak ji.

Dassan Dass: this is what happens, gurbani happening to us
How can we do shukrana for all this to Baba Ji and Akal Purakh, we don’t know.
Sarav viapak – Omnipresent.  We see Him physically everywhere.
Harjit: could you also send blessings to Ranjit and Y , in sangat they were saying they
were stuck in maya.

Dassan Dass: they need to surrender

Harjit: Ranjit just looked totally beaten. And felt even worse when he knew he should be doing simran and seva,
but didnt do it.  And Y was confessing again to his lust problem.

Dassan Dass: blessings are there, therre should be someone to recieve them

Harjit: yes ji, like an upturned cup, ego wont let blessings pour in.

Dassan Dass: that is true

Harjit: like you said ji, maya is a sweet poison that we willingly consume.

Dassan Dass: so they need to surrender, how far someone can continue eating the poison of others

Harjit: until there is too much dukh, then we have to reform.
We all have the Gyan, but maya is too sweet.
But the dukh doesnt let them have peace and they are coming to sangat.
But perhaps dont want to give up anything, so are stuck – actually getting worse.

Dassan Dass: so should we pray that they should be hit with dukh?
Or they should pray themselves for dukh?
They will get worse then come back.

Harjit: yes ji, good question, we should pray for more dukh and beat maya!

Dassan Dass: we will tell maya to hit them hard so they can realize and come back to their senses,
"Maya go hit them hard that is what they need to become a Banda (divine slave)."

Harjit: "banda kar tu bandagi – o man become a divine slave!"

Dassan Dass: then only they will be able to do bandgi.
"Maya go hit hard everyone until they start giving dasvand!"

Harjit: you know best ji, you are the kindest,
"Je gur jirkhay ta meetay lagay – if the Guru tells me off I still see it as sweet."
May they see whatever happens as a blessing from their guru.

Dassan Dass: when will they come to their senses and start listening?
And start doing what they should be doing?
Only complete surrender can save them from Maya – then they are under the chattar (divine aura) of the satguru.
So Maya can’t harm them.
Thats all we can say to anyone who is asking for blessings.
It is hard to hear but is Puran Sat.

Harjit: Baba ji also said that saving ghosts is easy,
but its the hardheads who need a baseball bat (being told the truth – Puran Sat/ receiving dukh)
to hit them and wake them up.

Dassan Dass: that is true
Their karni can only change if they surrender.
Then only naam will wash all their sins and maya will stop hurting them.
That is enough for today, will see you later, God bless you.

Harjit: Thankyou ji, please forgive all of us for all our mistakes, known and unknown.
Dandauth bandhna ji.
Dhan dhan sukhee raho ji.