Blessings and True Love

8 Feb 2010

Dassan Dass: satnaam Harjit jee.

Harjit: dandauth bandhana dearest Dassan Dass ji.

Dassan Dass: god bless you our dearest son jee
You are as dear as god to us.
Harjit: every one of your words melts our heart ji,
we are so thaknful to have you in our life ji,
to have satnaam in you so close to us.
Dassan Dass: your hirda is meant to become a sant hirda.
Your janam has the only destiny to become a sant hirda.
You are born to serve others with the truth.
Harjit: we feel so much more love everyday,
we have much more patience now,
we are changing for the better everyday now ji, with your blessings.
Dassan Dass: truth is your profession, truth is your life, you are nothing but truth
Harjit: with your blessings only may we strive to become 100% truth, 100% sukhmani ji,
Dassan Dass: your hirda is well on its way to become a sat hirda
Yes that is what your destiny is.
And you have recognized this truth, which itself is the gurparsaad.
You will become more than 100% truth.
You will become infinite. Sat is infinite, and so will you become.
We are very fortunate to have you
Harjit: We only wanted true love ji,
that all we have been looking for in our life ji,
a love that never breaks,
Everything else has just been a distraction ji,
a web of maya we got trapped in.
But true love and love for the Truth,
love for your lotus feet is all we want ji,
to be ever saturated in your love ji.
You are the giver ji,
you are our master ji,
you are our mother and father,
you always give without asking ji,
you are "sada sada sada dyaal, simar simar nanak bhae nihaal.
– awlays always always merciful,
remembering remembering nanak has become happy."
Dassan Dass: what wonderful things that are happening with the gurkirpa and gurparsaad.
Love is God,
Compassion is God,
Truth is God,
Humblness is God,
Humility is God,
Kindness is God,
Parupkaar (altrusim) and maha parupkaar (giving salvation) is God.

Harjit: with your blessings that you gavve to X (Ranjit) last week,
he was completely transformed in sangat on friday and the day before when he got a treatment from Y.
He felt his kundalini energy and chakras being opened ji.
Susan was blessed to "see" everything that happened ji.
Dassan Dass: excellent
Harjit: she saw Satnaam in your form ji, 
cleaning him up,
healing him,
straightening his back and so much more ji.
Harjit: Also Ranjit was so thankful, he told us all he really loved us from his heart for his ardas
was heard in the sangat.
Dassan Dass: that is the infinite divine power – satnaam sada satnaam that is doing all this.
Accept it and get it all – "manney pawey mokh duaar."
Harjit: when we think how kind and comapssion is the Infinite Divine Power,
it makes us want to give up all of our filth and jump into the ocean of love more and more ji.
Dassan Dass: it is all a game of acceptance of the word of the guru.
Acceptance changes everything – "manney tarey taarey gursikh".
Acceptance brings you jivan mukti and makes you a sant hirda
Harjit: Accept the guru ji’s kind words as 100% truth and do them right away with full devotion.
We passed on the message to Ranjit ji ,
that you said we need to surrender.  He asked, "how to surrender?"

Dassan Dass: Give his tunn munn dhan to the guru – which is nothing but acceptance again
Guru’s words will bring you infinite divine power.  Truth is infinite.
Truth has no boundaries.  Truth has no limit.  Truth has no dimensions.  Truth has no depth – it is infinite.
And trust in guru’s word is bandgi.
we trust in your divine words ji,
you said to us previously that all you have ever said for us to do is satnaam simran, 
it is so simple what you have asked us to do
– we forgot how simple this inner path is,
we made it complicated by trying to do other things
and to win arguments and make meditation centres and so on.
But its so simple, no matter what happens just to do satnaam simran with love, trust and devotion.
Dassan Dass:
Acceptance comes with trust,
unconditional love comes with acceptance,
devotion comes with acceptance,
bairaag comes with acceptance,
and above all mukti comes with acceptance
– and acceptance is surrender.
That is all we did and you have seen the results.
We did so with the gurparsaad 10 years ago.  It will be 10 years in this summer of 2010.
Harjit: your journey is amazing ji. You have bcome timeless
Dassan Dass: all it took was from septemnber of 2000 to december of 2000
– and complete realization was the reward.  Within a few months.
It is so simple and easy to do.
Harjit: you jumped into the ocean of baba ji’s love, into Naam, completely, deeply and madly in love.
Dassan Dass: what did we lose by giving dasvandh to the guru?
Harjit: nothing ji , you lost nothing. 
Nothing else mattered, nothing else ever does,
just you and your guru.
Dassan Dass: we gave dasvandh to the Guru even when we didn’t have a job.
We borrowed money on credit cards and gave dasvandh to the guru.
And look at what we were rewarded with.
We lost a property worth 1.2 millions dollars as well.
Harjit: you lost the world, but gained the universe – the Infinite Divine Power.
Dassan Dass: we had big financial blows. 
But with baba ji’s kirpa we did’t get any heart attacks
 or even high blood pressure.  Actually our blood pressure only got better!
We laughed and said there is no labh or haani – no profit or no loss in bandgi.
And we have never had a shortage of funds
Harjit: yes ji, "lakhmi thot na aavayee jai karach karundaa – moeny doesnt run out even though I spend it" – Guru Arjun Dev Ji.
Dassan Dass: never underestimate the Guru’s words.
They are just unbeliveably powerful, they are infinite divine power.
Those who don’t give dasvandh will not be able to get jivan mukti
Harjit: yes ji, may we cherish the Guru’s divine words in our heart and apply them in our life.
Dassan Dass: And they will not get jivan mukti until they give dasvandh to the guru,
no matter what happens. 
They may have to be born again and again to clear their account. 
Giving dasvandh is the shortest and most rewarding way to do so.
Only the Gurparsaad can wash all the sins, there is nothing else that can wash the sins.
Eventually everyone will have to give dasvandh,
wether in this life of the one after or the one after and so on.
So the sooner the better.
Harjit: yes we also struggled a few years with money, we were losing alot every month due to our properties
being empty.  And then it was the hardest thing to give daswandh as well,
but we did manage to at that time,
and found things got much better, as we managed to sell those properties with baba jis kirpa.  
Wereas our father and brother are still stuck with their loss making flats. 
But Susan also gave daswandh and managed to sell hers as well.
We leaned not belive in the illusion that by not giving daswandh we are going to be better off.
Dassan Dass: that is right, by giving dasvandh Maya can’t eat you.
And not giving dasvandh, maya will continue to eat you.
That is why we say giving, giving, giving – tunn munn dhan – mind, body and wealth.
This is what gurbani says – "tunn munn dhan sabh saop guru ko – give mind, body and wealth ALL to the Guru."
Some people still think that giving dasvandh to some other charities is the same as giving to the Guru.
But that is not true, gurbani says "tunn munn dha sabh saop GUR ko."
Although giving to other charities is good as that is a punn karam (virtuous deed) too,
but that will not bring you jivan mukti
Harjit: somebody asked Mother Teresa how much to give, and she said "give until it hurts."
And we realised by giving like that, tht in the end it stops hurting when lobh & moh (greed & attachment thieves)
stops pinching us.
Dassan Dass: that is true she was a sant too.
This kind of hurt brings unimaginable rewards.
Everybody wants to meet God and wash their sins
and get eternal bliss, but how many do what they are supposed to do?
One in tens of millions.
Harjit: nobody wants to die ji, nobody want to give even a tenth of their mind, body and wealth, regardless of giving ALL
of their mind, body and wealth.
Dassan Dass: we still say and feel we are not capable of giving anything to baba ji
and we didn’t give anything to baba ji, it was all his gurkirpa and gurparsaad.
How can we give God-Guru anything, when everything is His, "teri upma tujhi ko arpan" ?
Harjit: we were dukhi (hurt) as a teenager,
we even thought of suicide once, but in the end we took sikh initiation and said to God,
"we give you our head, we are alive now because of you,
we live for you,
we will do your bandgi and
trust you to take care of our worldy affairs."
Dassan Dass: that is why you are so today
Harjit: we didnt know any gurbani in those days or have any divine wisdom, it was just our inner feelings.
And with your blessings we have met so many divine and wonderful souls who have truly died like this.
Dassan Dass: that is because of your bandgi in previous janams.
That is real life – death of self and to become non existant.
Harjit: yes ji, dukh woke us up, and our soul went forward.
It is the greatest gift to wake up and feel the separation.
Dassan Dass: this is gurparsaad.
Harjit: most people dont understand us, they are not awake, they dont want to wake up either.
Dassan Dass: forget about them and keep awakening yourself – sada sada awake – sada sada munn kaa jagna.
Harjit: thankyou ji, we have decided to stay quiet and just do our bhagti and simran now.
We dont need to save the world or win arguments or persuade anyone at this time.
Dassan Dass: we will see you later, as we have to go now, thanks for your kindness, seva, love, devotion, trust and bandgi
Harjit: thankyou ji again for everything.
Dandauth bandhna ji.
Dassan Dass: dhan dhan raho sada sukhi raho




Dhan Dhan Satguru Ji,

Thank you for your bountiful blessings,

You are truth
You are love
You are amazing
You are the most loving
You are the most compassionate
You are the giver of all

All is yours
You are all

We, the sinner of sinners are forever grateful for your love, truth and compassion

Your words however hard to swallow and accept are Amrit to us.

You are our saviour.

My mind, body and wealth are yours and we will now give full daswant consistently to Baba Ji.  I sacrifice my self to you Guru Ji.

I am nothing but a coward towards maya, I am scared of the tests I will ultimately face and have been shying away from on this path but I know my pyara Satguru is always with me, you are my support and my everything.

I have commited many sins on this path under kaam, krodh, moh, lobh and ahankaar.  Please forgive me.

I have smoked, lusted, watched gandhgi under this influence of Maya and my lack of self determination and will.

I am a disgrace to my Satguru, Sat Sangat, Paar Brahm Parmeshwar and the naam.  A truly loon haarami, I ask for your forgiveness ji.  I don’t deserve anything, let alone this priceless jewel of naam.

May my head forever be placed under your feet ji.

I am the sinner of sinners!