Become Fearless

Winning over Maya makes us fearless.  Unless we win over Maya we can’t become fearless and until we become fearless our Hirda can’t be transformed completely to a Sat Hirda.  Becoming fearless means becoming detached or freed from Moh.  Fearlessness is nothing but getting relieved of the fear of losing our worldly possessions, including our relationships.  Anything that is visible is Maya and the fear of losing any such thing that is visible is Moh and attachment.  Fearlessness is freedom from this kind of attachment and becoming detached to all of these things which are being run by Maya.  These are illusions, false and have no identity.  These are just commodities that are given to us for living our life and will not go with us when our soul leaves the body.  Our body is not even going to go with us.  After death it will go back to the Panj Tat that it came from.  Therefore, fearlessness is a divine quality of a very high order and without becoming fearless we can’t defeat Maya and become a Sat Hirda. 

Since God is Nirbhao, Fearless, we need to become fearless too in order to be one with Him.  This is the way that will lead us to go beyond Maya and be one with the Almighty.  It is a mandatory divine quality to become fearless.  This divine quality along with other divine qualities transform our Hirda and make it into a Sat Hirda.  When that happens then we merge with the Origin, the Creator, the super Infinite Divine Power of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji.  Therefore, transformation of your Hirda into a Sat Hirda is the key to success and this will make it a place for Sat to appear in all physical senses and get filled with all of the GurParsaadi divine qualities the super Infinite Divine Powers.