Become Innocent

Trust, faith, devotion and love for the Gur and Guru makes this happen along with complete surrender to the Gur and Guru.  It is so simple, yet people say it is very difficult to do, but look at it how simple it is to become a Sat Hirda.  Just follow these divine words and you will reach the heights of the spiritual world and be one with the Master. 

The Master is infinitely simple and the one who is infinitely innocent and simple becomes a candidate for merger into the Master without any complications.  Our simplicity and innocence pave our way to be one with our Master.  When we are simple and innocent then the Master Himself takes us through the Puran Bandgi process.  The more we are away from innocence and simplicity, the more difficult is our journey to Sach Khand.  The ones who are extremely innocent and simple are very fortunate ones and make this journey to the Sach Khand very easily.