Believe In GurBani 100%

Bharams give birth to negative questions in your mind.  Questions about the validity of GurMat and the Gur and Guru.  Living in Bharams means the mind starts to question what your Puran Sant is telling you to do.  The mind questions the divine words of your Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani.  All of these negative thoughts lead you further into the wilderness of Bharams, illusions and delusions until you become completely lost.  The lost ones don’t believe that GurBani is the Eternal Truth.  They  question the validity of what is written in GurBani and remain far from the Divine Truth.   

However, as soon as our Bharams, illusions and delusions are washed away we come out of duality and all of our questions are answered from within and our mind goes into complete peace.  The end of Bharams, illusions, delusions and Dubidha is achieved by GurParsaad.  With this GurParsaad our own wisdom – MunnMat, Sansarik Mat and DurMat is replaced by GurMat.