Do A Daily Self Assessment

It doesn’t take any complex study to figure out how you are performing in your day to day deeds.  Just focus for a few minutes at the end of the day on what you did.  What was positive and what was negative.  Keep in mind that all of your deeds are being watched and are graded by the divine power within yourself.  This kind of daily analysis will give you the opportunity to relfect upon your deeds and allow you to focus more and more on truthful deeds.  You can at least be truthful with yourself and do a truthful analysis of your own deeds.  You don’t need to tell anybody else if you don’t want to.  However, accepting your misdeeds at the Charan Sharan of a Puran Purakh and His Sat Sangat will do wonders for your Hirda.  Your Hirda will be cleansed instantaneously.  It does require a lot of courage to do so, but if you do this then the rewards will be unbelievable.  Just do it and enjoy the divine blessings. 

However, the reality is that very few come forward to do so.  This is nothing but ego.  Your ego wont let you accept your misdeeds at the Charan Sharan of a Puran Purakh and His Sat Sangat.  However, these are the practical things that GurBani tells us to do, which admitedly are very hard to do, but if done then they do bring instantaneous rewards in terms of spiritual cleansing.  Since it is only a few rare souls that do so that is why GurBani says that there is only one in tens of millions who will be able to achieve  the GurParsaad and become one with Almighty.