2012-05 Om Ji’s Expererience – Part 2


Spending few infinitely blessed days with living SATNAAM ji on the earth – Part2



Ek OanKaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad.
Dhan dhan Satnaam Satpaarbrahm pita pameshwar ji, his living SAT roop Satguru ji and his Sat blessed Sat Sangat ji.
Kottan Kot dandaut bandhana and sukhrana at your sat pious feet ji.
With gurparsaad we will continue this katha from where we stopped last time.  In the park after giving the gyan of rom rom naam simran to the sangat Satpaarbrahm Satguru ji then started explaining about the sargun and the nirgun saroop of the akal purakh ji. Again in Sahaj subhai (by itself/naturally) Satguru ji pointed towards the trees in the background of the park. He said look at those trees we could see the prakash all around them we could see the nirgun saroop (light of SatPaarbraham) in the sargun (in the trees). He said again look at those trees what do you see? 
When we were looking towards the trees we just did ardaas in the mind, that Satguru ji, the eyes are yours, you are in the tress, in everything, you yourself see and you yourself show whatever you want us to see. Then what we saw/felt like as if the tress started to melt down and all the trees became like blank/transparent light, we could feel the presence of only one in all. Like the trees camouflaging in to nothing,nothing at all. We said the same to Satguru ji and he said that is the Nirgun Saroop of the SatPaarbrahm parmeshwar ji. 
This is what a pooran Satguru can do, can make a blind man see the 14 lok parlok, can make a fool/dumb become a braham gyani, can make a robber/thief become a sant in a matter of fraction. The only needed ingredient is the gurparsaad of the complete surrender at the sat charans of the SatPaarbraham Satguru ji. Once with SatPaarbrahm ji’s apaar kirpa and gurparsaad when someone meets and accepts his destined satguru he/she should then completely surrender himself at his sat charans and have a blind trust, faith, believe, love in every truth words spoken by his Satguru. This blind trust is a mandatory requirement in the bhagati, it is this blind trust that will help in overcoming the self mind (man mat) otherwise the person will always keep hanging between the gurmat (gurus wisdom) and manmat (self wisdom) and will never be able to come out of the duality or the maya illusions. The disciple has to bring in to practice the guru’s wisdom (gurmat) in his day to day life and also eventually in his dreams then only he becomes pure (khara/khalsa) from inside and outside. 

We all then headed back to the hotel where we had our dinner and after which the sangat again sat together to continue the naam simran. This time the kids quickly went in to the simran mode and all of us closed our eyes and did simran for an hour or so. 
With Satpaarbraham satguru ji’s kirpa sister Aman ji is already established in the karamkhand and is a blessed sughan of the SatPaarbraham ji. While doing simran she was blessed with the darshans of dhan dhan Satguru Nanak patshah ji and other devi devtas like Hanuman ji. She was also blessed with the darshans of dhan dhan Satguru pita ji Dassan dass ji in the spiritual realm. She is at the stage where she quickly goes in to the samadhi assans during her simran. 
Next day after the breakfast the sangat again got together with Satguru pita ji and were blessed with the continuous har ki katha form him followed by SATNAAM simran. After which sant bhai saheb ji Chandigarh wale came to visit us in the hotel. We all did dandaut bandana to him and got his infinite blessings. At this point bhai saheb ji had already visited Swaraj ji and her family and the other sangat in the west coast. He was speaking so high about Swaraj ji’s seva and the prem bhagati. He was so impressed with Swaraji ji seva and sharda bhavana that he was again and again appreciating and admiring the kind deed that she was doing by educating and spreading the word of SATNAAM simran/meditation/spiritual healing not only to the people from the sikh Indian background but also from the US, to the people who are sick and depressed mentally and emotionally. Sister Swaraj ji has direct blessings from dhan dhan Satpaarbrahm Babaji and Satguru pita ji to bless all these souls with Satnaam simran whoever comes her way or to the clinic. 
Bhai Saheb ji then requested Satguru pita ji to do a sangat at his family relatives place which was just few minutes drive from the hotel. At Bhai Saheb ji place there were all their family members and some other sangat form their neighborhood. Within no time Satguru pita ji in sehaj subhai started the har ki katha as per the requirement of the sangat that was assembled there. One thing to point out is that when we entered the house Satguru pita ji saw the old mother of the Chandigarh wale bhai saheb ji and the first thing he told her was mata naam simran kiya kar. Later on during conversation she accepted that she only does paath and reading of the panch bani and does not do simran. Satguru ji said that’s why the first words that akal purakh made us speak for you was to do naam simran. You have done enough reading of paath and now focus yourself in doing naam simran. He said doing paath and pach bani paath is also seva but they are small, do the seva which the guru (dhan dhan guru granth saheb saheb ji) says is the highest seva and that is “prabh ka simran”. “Prabh ka simran sabh te oocha”. 
He then said every shabad from the bani came from the mansarovar (SatPaarbraham nirgun saroop/ SatPaarbraham’s universal mind/ SatPaarbraham truth consciousness) and the same shabad if followed and acted upon with complete trust, faith, believe, love and surrender can take you back to the mansarovar. But it takes a pooran braham gyani, pooran satguru who is always in the mansarovar (truth consciousness) to explain or give a glimpse of the depth of the shabad and the subtle truth element embedded in it. Satguru ji said with the gurparsaad when doing naam simran the sat sarovars (7 spiritual centers) are activated/unlocked and one of the sarovars blesses the bhagat with the brahamgyan. The blessing to access the mansarovar and to take a dive in to the mansarovar and come out with the deep gyan or sat element behind the shabad. The deeper the dive in to the mansarovar the finer the gyan becomes. The mansarovar is infinite and the pearls of gyan embedded in the mansarovar are also infinite like SatPaarbraham himself. That is why no one has ever or can ever describe the masarovar (the satpaarbrahm) completely.
Satguru ji also did the katha of the meaning of the real religion. He said the so called religions like Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and so on are all man made and the real religion is beyond all these man made boundaries. The term religion means union with GOD, becoming one with god by doing naam simran and seva by changing our deeds as per the gurus wisdom (gurmat).  
Gurbani says: Sarab dharam meh saresat dharam. Har ko nam jap nirmal karam.
Meaning: Of all religions, the best religion is to chant the Name of the Lord and maintain pure conduct.
So, to do a complete religion (complete merger with SATNAAM) both the elements are needed.
Element 1: To do naam simran and seva, by getting the gurparsaadi naam from a pooran satguru who has the fully manifested and glorified naam in his heart and rom rom.
Element 2: Change our conduct by doing what the pooran satguru or the gurbani is saying. That is to become what the gurbani is telling to do or to make your conduct as per the gurbani.
Gurbani says: Satgur kī bani sat saroop hai gurbani baniai.
Meaning: The Word of the True Guru’s Bani is the embodiment of Truth; through Gurbani, one becomes perfect (becomes embodiment of Truth himself).
That is why dhan dhan Baba ji and Satguru pita ji maharaj says doing simran is easy but doing and becoming what the gurbani tells us to do is hard. It is only when the conduct of a person changes by becoming what gurbani is telling us to do only then SatPaarbrahm pita ji (Akal purakh ji, the param jyot pooran prakash) will come and merge in you and the sargun and nirgun will become one for ever.
Dhan dhan Babaji maharaj and dhan dhan Satguru ji maharaj are always in this pooran prakash. Satguru ji says that whenever he sleeps in the night and closes his eyes he only sees prakash, only prakash.  
The rest of the katha is recorded in audio by Sister Aman ji and has also been translated by dhan dhan Harjit jee. Please listen to the katha and also the translation in English by Harjit ji if you cannot understand punjabi.
The last day in the morning when we were driving back to the Baltimore airport to drop Satguru pita ji and sister Aman ji’s family we were all doing SATNAAM simran on our way. Satguru pita ji were holding a bottle of water all the time when he and all of us were doing the SATNAAM simran. When we reached the airport Satguru pita ji handed over the water bottle (amrit) to us and said to give that to Ajit singh ji and ask him to drink all the water at one time. This will heal him completely of the left over poison of liquor that is still left in his body. That is how dyaal our Satpaarbraham satguru ji is, not even in our dream we thought that Satguru ji will prepare this amrit for Ajit singh ji even after Ajit singh ji had broken his promises a couple of times that he made to Satguru ji that he will not touch the liquor again. Ajit singh ji is back on the right track and is now also doing good at his work. He has obtained a commercial truck driving license and is now driving trucks on the long routes. Satguru ji told us to tell him that all will be good going forward just don’t touch the liquor again and keep doing satnaam. Satnaam will set everything right for him and his family.
We cannot thank enough at the sat charans of dhan dhan Sat Paarbraham pita parmeshwar ji and his sat roop dhan dhan SatPaarbraham Satguru pita ji and dhan dhan Sat paarbraham Babaji and dhan dhan sat roop sat sangat ji for always keeping us under the chatar/shelter of their grace and protection and for always showering the SATNAAM blessings at this dog of your house. We are worthy of nothing, full of kood and filth. Our demerits cannot be counted. We have sinned so many times over and over again. Please, O mercyful lord, our only hope and support, please forgive us for all our countless mistakes and if it pleases you then make this dog your own for ever and ever for eternity. Make us the dust of the dust of your feet and the dust of the feet of the entire creation Satnaam ji.
All together like always it was a blessed blessed sangat with dhan dhan Satguru maharaji ji and bhai saheb ji and other dhan dhan sangat ji. 
It is our benti with folded hands to all the truth seekers and the sangat ji to please try to attend such blessed congregrations of such highly elevated souls who are living Satnaam ji available to all of us at this time and space on the Earth. Other worldly chores that we do daily is our dues and gains with others from past life, only naam simran, seva and bandagi under the chatar of a pooran satguru is our true earnings that is truly ours and will go with us when we leave this body of 5 elements. This true earning will not only help us but other members of our kul too (in appropriate time and space).
In the praise of Satpaarbrham Satguru ji from Gurbani:
vahu vahu saṯgur purak hai jin sach jata soe. 
(Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the True Guru, the Primal Being, who has realized the True Lord.)
Jit miliai tikh utrai tan man sital hoe. 
(Meeting Him, thirst is quenched, and the body and mind are cooled and soothed.)
vahu vahu satgur sat purakh hai jis no samat sabh koe. 
(Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the True Guru, the True Primal Being, who looks upon all alike.)
vahu vahu satgur nirvair hai jis ninda ustat tul hoe. 
(Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the True Guru, who has no hatred; slander and praise are all the same to Him.)
vahu vahu satgur sujan hai jis antar barahm vichar. 
(Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the All-knowing True Guru, who has realized God within.)
vahu vahu satgur nirankar hai jis ant na paravar. 
(Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the Formless True Guru, who has no end or limitation.)
vahu vahu satguru hai je sach drirae soe. 
(Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the True Guru, who implants the Truth within.)
Nanak satgur vahu vahu jis te naam parapat hoe. ||2|| 
(O Nanak, Blessed and Great is the True Guru, through whom the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is received. ||2||)

May Satnaam Satguru SatPaarbraham bless all.
Satnaam ji ka khalsa Satnaam ji ke fateh.
REPLY FROM Charanjit :
Thank you Om Ji for sharing this.

It’s been very enlightening reading this 🙂