Black Magic

Q: I have read your articles and started to ask Guru ji for forgiveness for my bad deeds. 

My ex-wife’s aunt is doing kala jadu (black magic) on me, but she is also Amritdaree (initiated).  I am also Amritdaree.   But, the aunt is still doing kala jadu on me today and I had a heart attack in June last year.  Someone told my wife in the market, that my ex-wife and her aunt dont want me to live in peace and I will have another heart-attack due to their black magic.   Baba ji, I do my Naam Simran every day.  Today I asked God to give them pain  them.  Did I do the right thing?  Please guide me. 


A: When a person takes on Naam Simran more than just a simple transaction of repeating the Truth Name has taken place. Whoever the being is they should make note of how blessed they are. It is a gift – it is Gurparsaad (blessed from the higher power). Recognise your blessing, yes Naam Simran is available to all, but to take on the Simran is a different thing altogether.


Naam Simran is the Greatest of all Shastars (weapons). One who is in the Truth is beyond Darkness of Maya .  Our advice to you is to take your Seva of his Name and recognise it in every walk of life, every action you witness (be it positive or negative). – Because God is every action.


All the Creation and it’s life forces are in Bandgi of Glorify God, all you see, hear, feel, experience is a derivative of Hukam. Be it the birds singing their morning song, the fumes from a car exhaust damaging your lungs, even the black magic done by the fools.


The Perfect Just System is acting in Perfect Just Balance, all happens as Hukam commands, nothing goes unjustified, no-one is beyond the Hukam. We reap what we sow.


You are already on the right track Ji, you recognise Truth in the Puran Sat spoken by the Brahmgyani.  You asked for forgiveness- You are forgiven Ji, just like that, it is done. But the Karni has to be repaid. Seva of Truth, Glorifying Truth, Naam Simran will assist the repayment, the greater the Selfless Seva the sooner the debt is cleared.


Don’t just stop there go further and recognise his Hukam is in play, after all this is Gurparsaadi Khel.


Your experiences are your own, the law of Hukam has derived your Karam by the perfect assessment of your Karni.


We see your Dukh, as hard as the Slaps of Truth may come please, please, please recognise He (God) is doing it for your benefit.


Dukh Daro Sukh Rog Bhaaiaa – out of your gifted pain only betterment derives Ji, the Gurbani reign’s Truth.


If you feel upset reading such words please don’t, only the Ego is in pain- this pain is the hold of Maya on your being showing its colors.


Rise above the false of this Khand, your prayers of giving pain to those who have hurt you is not a good deed. The fools who live to harm others (your ex-wifes aunt) will face their Karni. Nothing goes unrecognised, you have no need to worry about them, only the Sat remains True- all else fails.


To experience the gift of Naam, recognise the currency of repeating his name alone does not bring salvation, you have to assist the Hirda to evolve:


Þ   Live Truth Actions

Þ   Speak Truthful Words

Þ   Serve Truth to Others

Þ   Give Tan Man & Dhan at the feet of Truth

Þ   Live in the Compliance of Hukam

Þ   Recognise Truth in all – Nirvair (Single Visioned) – God is the Sinner, he is the Saint, he is the disease, he is the medicine,

Þ   Live Fearless (overcome the Maya Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh & Ahankaar and the fear will die with it, no more attachments, no more wants, no more needs)


You have been blessed the Baptisim to Live in the Truth, to be a giver of Amrit.  Dearest Brother become Truth and the Amrit will overflow from within. You will literally witness this experience; on becoming Truth you will then have Truth to your status of Amritdharee (holder of Amrit/Divinity).


Whatever the person in the market said should be forgotten. Never dwell on mistakes of the past and do not look to what the future holds, they are not important, focus on the present, take advantage of this very moment, use the seconds you have to solve and become Truth.


That person who spoke their own prophecy will face their deeds also, no Man has Raj over this Khel, God alone is the supreme all is derived via his Hukam.


Clean your Hirda and Body with the Simran, bless your wife with the Puran Sat we have given to you. Even we (Tanraj) had to face the Dark Magic, our love of discovering Truth was no match for the black ghosts. We forgive them and blessed them Mukti. We are proof of Naam Simran being the Greatest Shastar.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam.


Surrender to the Truth and you will become Truth Ji, your views will evolve, you will only see good in every action. We pray you take advantage of this conversation.


Q:  Thank you for your sweet reply.  I have taken on board what you said and I try each day to do my simran,  “Satnaam Satnaam” even when I am walking or sitting at work. But I have one more question.  All my life I have lived in fear of God.  I met sants who came to our house as I was growing up.  I have always asked them for Naam.  All of them used to say you are blessed and hold up there palm to give their blessing.  I seved a Sant from Guru Nanak Ji’s own lineage for 10-13 years with money, but I feel that they have moved along to the next person.  This has happened to me a few time.  Whichever Sant ji I turn to doesnt move my Bhagti forward, but they are interested in worldly goods.  Please forgive me as I have lived all my life in fear of God and know that death is true. Please help me.  Only God knows ones time of death.  Its His hukam.  I am geting older. I am just seeking Guru ji’s blessing. 


A: From childhood we were also taught to fear God, however it was worldly knowledge passed on from the Manmukhs.   We confessed this to the Satguru and he awoke us and told us that this idea is false.


The Puran Sat is Nirbhoa (Fearless) & Nirvair (Ik Drisht- Single Vision- sees all as Perfect and Equal).  The Super Divine Quality for us is to be as Fearless as our Lord God.  Which is taught to us through His description of qualities through the Mool Mantra.


You are a Hirda, an image of God, designed with all the Super Powers to realize the Brahmgyan.  Everything is justified and everything is perfect.  If we get beaten up tomorrow, just accept it and say, “Joh Tera Hukam – whatever is Your Hukam.”  And if we get knocked down again “Joh Tera Hukam.”  And we get knocked down again, “Joh Tera Hukam.”


The one who recognizes the (Vision) Truth in Hukam, also recognizes the Truth in Karam, further recognizes the Truth in all.  Then that one becomes Nirvair (ik drisht), and is also automatically Nirbhoa (Fearless).  For they are compliant in the Love of Hukam no matter how hard the Slap of Karam is- for Karam is Truth.


Always remember Hukam is Truth.  Hukam is Love.  No matter how deep the temporary pain is, “Dukh Daro Sukh Rog Bhaaiaa.”


The Dukh is the medicine Ji, for Sukh derives as Karam is cleaned, and you may continue the path of receiving the Brahmgyan through the Hirda


It is great to see the Puran Sat being put into practice. God Bless you with greatest Bhagti (devotion), Naam Simran and the most beautiful Bandgi.


We are at your feet, we are the feet of the entire creation, please accept us at your feet.  Where one is in the discovery of Truth we feel we must bow to the Truth that is reaching out from them.


God Bless You, God Bless Your Wife, God Bless Your Family & God Bless all those who come into contact with you.