Working Nightshift

Q: I wrote to you before.  First i like to thank you for the advice. Baba ji i work nights i start work at 6.00pm till 05.00am with a 45min break can please tell me do i still get the full gain off naam simran if i only say satnaam as i work i am a recovery vechile driver ( HGV) i recover cars that are broken down some time i have people with me. Can you also tell how is my naam simran going .


A:  Fear not Harpal Ji (Nirbhoa), God’s sight is Just (Nirvair), he is aware of your Karam, he is the one who gifted/blessed it to you after all. Just do the Simran in your Hirda, at all times, whenever you are able to do it.


Everything is accounted for, never feel you have an unfair deal, it is beautiful, the Hukam, the Karam, the Seva, just keep blossoming, keep earning, and the evolution of the Hirda will begin. All occurs in due deserved process, keep earning the Naam and will happen.