Falling 10 Steps Backwards

SatNaam Ji
Dandauth Bandhna ji,
Conversation with Dassan Dass ji yesterday – 27 May 10.




Dassan Dass: Satnaam jee.


Harjit: Satnaam ji, Dandauth Bandhna ji.


Dassan Dass: God bless you dandaut to you all.


Harjit: God Bless You and everyone ji.


Dassan Dass: thanks for your kindness, we are very fortunate to have people like you in this life, thanks thanks thanks to the Almighty.


Harjit: we are not kind ji, just stubborn, foolish, egotistic, thick-headed, always going back into the filth, making excuses – our auguns (mistakes) have no end,

but still you keep picking us up everytime we fall, so thankyou ji for all of your kindness.



“kirpa karo deen kay date, meray gun avgun na bicharo koi.

Matee ka kia dhopay swamee. Manas kee gat ehee.” …

Shower your Grace O Giver to the Meek and do not consider my merits and mistakes.

How can the dirt be washed? This is the state of mankind.” (http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=3289)


We felt we went back ten steps over the last 2 weeks, but have crawled back up (almost) now with your blessings.


Dassan Dass: you are full of divine qualities and divinity as well, you are doing great, just keep it up.  You have all the divine powers, just recognize them use them to the greatest extent you can.



Harjit: We  got entangled in stress and frustrations, then somehow ended up trying to get out of the maya web and going backwards.


Dassan Dass: these kinds of corrections happen, so take everything positively.


Harjit: yes ji, we recognise all the thoughts as maya and we have passed them before and have to pass thru them again as quick as possible, it gets easier second time around!


Dassan Dass: this is all a part of bandgi, but bandgi itself is an infinite divine power so it cleans up and makes everyting happen by itself.







Harjit: we need your help ji to get through amritvela in peace, with consistency.  We were with your blesings waking up and doing our simran.  But then got shaken for the last weeks or so by all this.  However, we find it difficult doing simran as we find sleepiness comes in, or our neck aches , or we feel like we are not getting anywhere.  Before we would get frustrated, now we just try to accept that this is the long and lonely path we have to walk, where only SatNaam is with us, wether we feel something or not.  Is this correct understanding – that its like struggling thru a dark tunnel before getting to the light?  Also we remember you saynig when we do simran, then our dhoots, ego in my case, is getting rattled.  We only have this problem in the early hrs 1-2 am, if we get up at 5 we feel good, we enjoy everything.  But we pray you hold our hand and we get thru all day and night and drive ego out and naam in.


Dassan Dass: do whatever you can do, just keep on praying.  We are hold ing your hand we are always with you.


Harjit: thankyou ji, your words mean alot to us, they are Gods words.





Harjit: Also we were thinking to perhaps put another verion of sukhmani on the website, where all the words are just in english, to make it easier for non-punjabis?  Eg where it says “Param Jyot Puran Parkash” we would replace with “Supreme Light COmplete Brightness” (i.e. the meanings in the glossary).  Would you think this is useful to do?


Dassan Dass: that is not necessary, people need to understand these words as they are.  Their divine power is felt in the original form of these words.  The punjabi version will be a lot more powerful.


Harjit: you were saying that alot more gyan was coming as you were reviewing the Punjabi version.


Dassan Dass: punjabi readers need a lot more stronger explanations then english readers


Harjit: ok, i see, it is different because it is aimed at different people. That makes sense.


Dassan Dass: but punjabi edition when it comes out will do wonders to punjabi readers all over and in particular in punjab. But it will take time to edit the entire version.  It is very time consuming, but now we have learnt typing in punjabi. 


Harjit: yes ji, it is very time consuming, we deeply appreciate your seva as well, because there are hardly any books written by a Sant himself, so these books are valuable because they have come through yourself.  Same with baba ji’s website ( www.eternalguru.info) , we always wanted Baba jis words as exact as possible on the website, rather than what he said to me and what I  then typed up from memory, so that is why we try and record Baba ji talking to us.  And with guru ji’s kirpa that is what has mostly happened.


Dassan Dass: This is all Gurparsaad and Baba ji’s Gurkirpa.






Dassan Dass: Swaraj Jee has also become a suhagan (bride of God).  She had darshans (visions) of Mohammed Sahib Ji when she was told by Mohammed Sahib Jee to do Satnaam Simran. [In her past life/lives she was a Muslim and prayed for Darshan of Mohammed Sahib ji, but it only happened in this life, and Mohammed Sahib ji told her what to do as per the path she is on now.] 


Harjit: you are so kind, your prayers are so kind, we read in your reply to Teresa that Swaraj has also been cured of her cancer now since taking your charan sharan (sheklter of your feet).


Dassan Dass: Teresa Jee is also dhan dhan, she has her dassam duaar open already, she is a divinely blessed soul.  We are all very fortunate to be blessed with her presence.


Harjit: we are so lucky to have company of so many swans ji, we are just a crow, but in your kindness you show us all these swans.


Dassan Dass: you are a swan too, and not a crow, your seva is dhan dhan.


Harjit: we never feel we are a swan, we see how great all the sangat is, and we only see all of our mistakes. Thankyou for saying so and giving us your blessings.


Dassan Dass: get blessings from sangat by doing dandaut to them, wash their feet and clean their shoes, you will feel great and become great


Harjit: thankyou ji, we will do so, we had inner hukam to wash feet of sangat about a year ago, and it still comes inside us to do so, so thankyou for saying.


Dassan Dass: wash sangats feet and see what happens to you and the sangat as well this coming Friday.


Harjit: thankyou we will do so, thankyou so much for saying so.


Dassan Dass: each one of you should do that to elevate yourself and be relieved of the ego. This is again a wonderful infinite divine power that you can and others can use too to cleanse themselves up from inside


Harjit: yes, we last did it about 4 years ago!! And the new sangat has never experienced it.


“charan sadh kee dhoi dhoi peeo, arap sadh ko apanaa jeeo.

Wash the feet of the Holy, and drink in this water.
Dedicate your soul to the Holy.” – Sukhmani ( http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=1003 )


Dassan Dass: we have to go now, will speak to you later, god bless you


Harjit: thankyou for thinking of us, dandauth bandhna ji.