Bringing Up Children

We have been born in this human life with the divine Jyot inside us and this divine Jyot is the Infinite Divine Power.  Our body is being run by this Jyot and this Jyot has been placed by God Himself inside our Hirda.  When we are born we are free, then, why would we chose to live as a slave of Maya?  It is a Divine Truth that when a child is born, all his Bajjar Kapaats are open.  All of his Sat Sarovars are enlightened and Dassam Duaar is open.  The body of a new born is filled with Amrit.  But, as the child grows, he tastes Maya and starts to like Maya due to the influence of Maya on the family and slowly becomes a slave of Maya himself.  If this new born child can be kept away from the influence of Maya then as he grows he will become a Puran Braham Gyani for sure.  However, it is practically very difficult to keep a child away from the influence of Maya, but at least parents can themselves focus on Sat Ki Karni so that the child will also engage in Sat Ki Karni and Maya will have minimal effect.  As he grows it will be easier for Him to focus on Naam, Naam Simran and Naam Ki Kamai.  By playing Kirtan close to a new born and as they grow up focusing them on Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai and Bandgi will help them to stay close to God.