Stop Doing Fraud

When this Infinite Divine Power is inside us and is keeping us operating, when this Infinite Divine Power is present everywhere, then who are you deceiving or cheating or being fraudulent with?  When you  cheat, deceive or do any kind of fraud you are doing it to this Infinite Divine Power.  You are not doing it to anybody else, but to God Himself.  So please think for a second, are you so crazy that you will try to cheat, deceive or do fraud with God? 

By cheating, deceiving or doing fraud you are only hurting yourself.  But, when our Nirgun and Sargun becomes one and the Infinite Divine Power takes over, then we are saved from cheating, deceiving, or being fraudulent to anybody anywhere.  This Infinite Divine Power is the Jyot inside us which gives life to our body, which runs our heart, which runs our breathing process, which is running the blood inside our body.