Brother Converting to Islam

I am a student at university and I come to now about you through one of my friends.  I have one personal problem. My brother is working with some Muslim people.  Muslim people are forcing him to convert and he is agreeing.  He is following all the stuff as muslim follows.  He is going for rozza and namaz just like muslim.  He was great believer of guru nanak dev ji, but now he says that shri guru garanth sahib ji is not a holy book, its just about spiritual book.  Plz help me out i am very much worried about him. he is also telling me about muslims and wanted me to have rozza.  Please help me out if you can.


Guru Pyare Beti Jee, God bless you.

You need to understand this thing that if that is the destiny of your brother then no matter what happens his destiny will prevail. Howeer, these people will not be able to force him to adopt their so called man made religion.

Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam etc are human made religions. There is no truth in these relegions.  The true meaning of religion means union with God, and that is what we are preaching.  For us these man made religions have no meaning, there is no spiritual importance of all these man made religions.  There is only one race and that is human race, and the objective of human life is union with God, and that is what is meant by the world religion.

The only thing you can do is focus yourself on Satnaam Simran and keep on praying for your brother.  When you dedicate yourself to Satnaam Simran then God will hear your prayers and things will fall in the right perspective for you.