Learning Meditation From Deepak Chopra


Fateh Babaji,
I am very interested to learn meditation and have been doing some research on classes offered by some organization such as deepak chopra, etc.
Many emphasize on "Bij mantra" which sounds like aum, om.. Is there any bij mantra in Sire Guru Granth Saheeb Maharaj that I can use mental clarity and calmness….something that I can use to replace Om or aum namaha..
Thank you Ji


Guru Pyare Jee, Gurfateh Parvaan Karna Jee.
Naam is Gurparsaad, Naam Simran is Gurparsaad, Naam KI Kamai is Gurparsaad Puran Bandgi is Gurparsaad, everything else said by preachers around the globe is not true completely.

There is only one way to search the truth and that is become truth by yourself and discover the truth within yourself, this is called self realization or the  realization of the infinite divine power within your ownself.

The Gurparsaad is obrained the one who has the Gurparsaad, the custodian of the Gurparsaad, and such an entity is called a Puran Sant, Satgur, Puran Braham Gyani and the key to the Gurparsaad is a complete surrender at the Sat Charans of such a soul, complete surrender is surrender of tunn munn an ddhan. So please look for an opportunity that
may be in your way to bless you with the Gurparsaad.

In the meanwhile we will ask you to focus on Satnaam – Sat is the Naam as presented in Gurbani by Dhan Dhan
Satgur Nanak Patshah Ji. There are some Gurparsaadi writings on Naam on the the website www.satnaam.info.  Please read these writings and continue to read them until you are clear about the Naam and you feel that there is no more research needed to learn about Naam. Please feel free to communicate as you feel.


Beej Manter

1. Vahiguru Manter, Guru Manter, Gur Manter , Gur Shabad 
2. Guru Nanak Dev Ji And Satnaam 

Plus there is much more on the website, for a complete understanding from start to finish we recommend reading the Sukhmani Explanation book.  

Dassan Dass