1. Living Truth Guru is against Sikhism

=================================================== Editors Note – some definitions:-1) Complete Purified Soul Being:- “Khalsa” 2) Complete Knower Of Universal Wisdom: – “Brahm Gyani” 3) True Good Being:- “Sadh” =================================================== The biggest and the foremost damaging illusion that has gripped the minds of the masses … Read More


THE ROAD BLOCKS TO SPIRITUAL PROGRESS.  With the grace of graceful Lord who is Unreachable, Unfathomable, Endless, Without any boundaries, great, great, dear lovable, beyond universal limits, Supreme Transcendental Lord Of All Lords (“Gur Parsaad of Agam Agochar Anant Beyant … Read More


One God Named Truth who is realized by the grace of the Truth Guru (“Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad”) Dear, great, great, lovable, always love filled supreme Guru (“Gur”)-Guru-Truth Guru-Holy Guru’s divine blessed congregation-True Congregation –Divine Love filled Guru’s Divine Word … Read More