The commitment, the Shardhaa, the Lagan which comes with belief. 

Dharam Raj

The Divine Judge who weighs our good and bad deeds and sends us into the next appropriate life form.  Doesn’t judge the one who does naam simran.  Instead,he escorts them to the higher realms of Truth. 


Union with God.  However, it is commonly translated as religion, but a lot of religious acts are untruthful nowadays and do not unite us with God. The divine meaning of Dharam is to follow the divine wisdom direct from God … Read More


Wealth.  Money that causes greed and corruption is no good.  Money for living earnt honestly is the right way.  Take out Daswandh (tenth) for the Guru.


Super great; Supremely blessed.  Description of someone who has reached the heights of the spiritual world.  Nothing is more rewarding than the Darshan of a Puran Sant who brings Jivan Mukti to the entire creation.  That is why these Sant … Read More


Demi gods-godesses.  330 Million demi-gods and goddesses.  Spiritual beings that didn’t make it to God due to not conquering ego. The are one level below Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu who also did not make it to God due to ego.  … Read More