Jivan Mukt

The one who is liberated whilst still alive in the human body.  Jivan Mukt is a Sant Hirda.  Jivan Mukt is a Sat Hirda.  Jivan Mukti comes while living on this Earth.  A lot of people live in this illusion … Read More

Jinn Bhoots

Ghosts.  The soul which is not moving on the path to Divinity is described as a ghost in GurBani.  Such souls are drenched and buried in the scum of  mental sicknesses due to five vices  and are burning in the … Read More


Term of respect after a name.

Jee-a Daan

The highest level of Seva is Jeea Daan, meaning Daan of Puran Bandgi and Seva which leads to salvation.  This is the Seva that only a Sant Hirda can do for the Sangat. 


Puran Bandgi.  This will lead to our liberation from a life under the rule of Maya. 


The people who achieve control over Kaam, lust.