Cleaning Up The Environment

12 Jan 2010

dassandass3: This is what needs to be done to clean the environment.  One day we prayed to burn all the madis ( madi is the place where the dead are buried and their souls don’t leave due to their attachment and keep on sticking around for a long long time and then they bother the surroundings in a bad way)  in the town we are in and then we saw everywhere there was fire burning those places where the souls are trapped, thereby releasing all the trapped souls.  So the area is cleaned up and bad things stop happening in the area.

Harjit: "Jithay jaai bahay mera satguru so thaan suhaava ram raje – wherever my Satguru goes to sit – that place becomes beautiful." It is the highest seva that you , Baba ji, Mr Singh ji , Namjeevan Ji are all doing.  

Dassan Dass: Then we went to another town where our daughter lives and felt a lot of negativity and prayed for burning the madis over there and then saw again the entire town was burning – like that pret(demon) was stuck in Mr Singh’s uncle’s house, and then he saw other ghost souls around in the same area.
Harjit: Baba ji also said (in 2003) that he drives around as he gets the inner Hukam to go to these madis/graveyards and clean them up, to let that town thrive and prosper.