Complete Surrender

If we dedicate just even ten percent of our time to Naam, Bandgi and Seva then we are still able to bring in all of Divinity inside us.  When we donate just ten percent of our earnings to the Guru then we are still able to detach ourselves from greed and Maya.  The Guru is very kind upon us.  He takes only ten percent from us and puts the remaining ninety percent from His own pocket.  Keeping in view the need to meet the family and other responsibilities Guru Patshahs have very kindly amended the rule of giving everything.  They have made it the Rule of Dasvandh.  Just by giving one tenth of what we have to the Guru, the Guru will take care of us. 

But, those who do dedicate themselves one hundred percent.  Those very rare souls, one in tens of millions.  They give one hundred percent to the Gur and Guru.  They completely surrender themselves to the Gur and Guru.  By doing so, they go on the fast track and reach salvation rapidly.  The Guru is advising us to give everything back to the original Giver – Akal Purakh.  Return whatever we have to the Giver.  If we can’t do that then at least give Dasvandh to the Giver.  This is the Gur and Guru’s Hukam.  Anybody who abides by this divine law becomes Dhan Dhan.  The Gur and Guru is very kind and when they are happy about our love, compassion, devotion, faith, trust and belief then they give us all of the eternal treasures.  They will fill us with all of the priceless diamonds and jewels of Naam, Puran Bandgi and Seva and we will reach the heights of the spiritual world.