Dealing With Unfulfilled Desires

Guru Patshah Ji is very kindly telling us how people think and act when under the influence of the Rajo aspect of Maya.  Their desires never end.  Even when one desire is fulfilled then a few more pop up, making a never ending stream of desires.  Please look inside and notice that you are always working under the Rajo aspect which comprises of  Asa, Trishna and Mansha.

When some desires remain unfulfilled people forget to thank the Almighty for the ones that were fulfilled.  They start complaining to God about this.  This has become the way of their life.  People take credit for whatever good happens in their life, but blame God for whatever happens for the worse.  They rarely thank the Almighty for all of the good things, but never hesitate to complain when things go against their wishes.  But, guess who is to be blamed for the bad things happening in their life?  It is not God who is to be blamed, it is the person who is responsible.  The finger should be pointing inwards towards our bad deeds in the past and previous lives.  The law of Karma comes into the picture.  Whatever we have sown in the past and previous lives we now have to reap.  It is our own Karni that matters and decides our future under the divine laws.  Guru Patshah Ji is very kind on us by telling us about this divine law of Karni.  So instead of complaining be thankful to the Almighty every moment of our life for all He has given us and all He continues to give us.  Stop complaining to Him about the bad things happening in your life.  Instead,  you just need to criticize your own self and learn the lesson of how to improve yourself to avoid this happening again.  Constant complaining never does anyone any good.  Complaining only drenches people further under the scum of Maya and ruins their future.  Complaining doesn’t help.  Only changing your ways helps. 

The basic reason behind all of your sorrows is desire.  When desires remain continuously unfulfilled it can lead to mental depression.  Mental ailments can then lead to physical ailments.  The best thing to do is to remain contented with whatever we have.  Focus on truthful Karni without any desires.  Thank the Almighty for whatever He has given us.  Don’t complain about sorrows and try to amend your own self.  Most importantly pray for the GurParsaad of Naam, Puran Bandgi and Seva.