Concentrating In Simran

Q: Whenever I do simran at night before go to sleep I have dreams of either gurudwaras or sometimes of future etc but i do it fo ony 10 mins only. well i am trying hard to extend time.  What should be timeyou advice for simran. also plz tell me that soometimes i have dreams of wrong thing as affected by kaam vasna etc what should i do.   sometimesi do simran but mymindis thinking of some work etc instead of charan kamal of guru ji what shoul i do , i stop doing simran when my concentration is not good .


A: Thank you for contacting us, you have been in our thoughts recently and now here you are.


The purpose of doing simran is to gift betterment, you was born with a blessing to realize a unbelievable Gyan of vast infinite proportions.  The simran releases us from the Maya hold, and cleans the dirt from our vision, so we may see the Real Truth.


You seek to realize this Truth, then we must earn it. All is earned, all gifts are deserved, 10 minutes of simran is a start and is accounted for, but let’s be honest we both know you can do better.


Yes you may work, most of us do and we are still able to take time out to glorify truth.


You seek to realize Truth then enhance the Bandgi by living truth (that means no lies, slandering, no intoxicants,  no judging of others, no taking advantage of others), serve truth (be humble, live to help) deliver truth (speak simple truth, never hold bias).


2.5hours at 1am is a very strong time to do simran, your voice will reach Dargah in that time. Jaap in Surat, and jaap with no requirement, need nor desire.


Your thoughts are your distraction, not to worry, this all a process of the moment, the second you are recognised to be deserved of the Peace of Mind you will receive it.


Get the ball rolling and we will face each obstacles as they derive.


All is Hukam, all is running Perfectly, all is balanced.


Take Naam Simran seriously and let the Truth Name bless your body, washing your Hirda & Mind.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam