Really Depressed

Q: I am really depressed , since my second baby( 2 years ago). By Guru JI’s grace I have nothing much to complain about life, but I can not seem to get away from my hollow feeling that makes me want to cry all the time. I am on anti depressant and tranquilizers, but I feel I am wasting my life away. Please bless me so that I can come out my depression, and my medicines. Please bless me so that I can do something worthwhile with this human life which is so precious.  Waiting for your reply with lots of hope.


A: Thank you Satnaam Ji for blessing S Ji the strength to contact us.


Gurbani: Dukh Daru Sukh Rog Bhaaiaa


The Gifted Pain (DUKH) is our Medicine (DARU) to receive Betterment (SUKH).


The whole universe is run by Hukam, through Hukam we are gifted our Karam. And the Karam is a great khel, a Gurparsaadi Khel (of great blessings).

 For Dukh and Sukh are the same, they gift you to reach this Gurparsaad.


You said it yourself, there is little to complain of.


The Gyan of Karam is so advanced he gave you a sense of Dukhi to derive you: To reach out to a House of Truth – so you may move forward into the light and carry on the discovery of Truth.


We as beings are just actors, we can do nothing, it is just God doing all to Self.


After 36 ages of Bhagti, he realized a Great Divine recognized in the worldly tongue as Truth.


So outstanding was the discovery he had to gift it to another, it was felt it should be served to another.

  And thats where we come in (his creation). We are thrown into the Maya of the World (illusion) to face it head on (a test), to earn the Gyan of Truth in a millionth of the time that it took him to realize it.


Your depression is Gurparsaad (earned blessings), see beyond the statement of mind, it is a khel being played before you.

Your heart has reached out back to the Source in this blessed Hour of Need.


You may feel: But what have I done to earn such blessings?

 S is your name for this Karam, you have lived times before, we all have, we climb the life forms from microbes, climbing the ranks through the animals to human form (where we can begin bhagti).


You have been doing Bhagti before, we can only bow to you for your past search of the Truth. Now he the Nirgun is calling you again, to carry on where you left off.


All is Beautiful – All is Truth – All is Perfect- All is Balanced.


Take to Naam Simran with Tan Man & Dhan (100% Surrender), and your depression will disappear very quickly. Awake the Amrit factories within yourself, and wash your Hirda with the glorified Truth.


The Nasha cannot be compared, the Nasha of Truth is infinite and Supreme. Why else are we doing this seva?

God works through us (his actors), to Love, Serve, Educate and Help one another.


He is ever-present- he is Omnipresent.


Take to Ardaas and tell him, you are knocking at his door;




and then Jaap (repeat) this in your Surat (Heart)


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam


Live Humble, Simple and be Thankful. See him in all (Nirvair), See Truth in all Actions and you will feel fearless (Nirbhoa).


Go to Dargah, by meditating for 2.5 hours during amrit vela (1 am onwards), it takes this long for your Simran to pass through the Khands to reach his Court.


Give the Sants and Bhagats who are lost in deep states of Peace an abrupt awakening, and tell them another Truth Seeker has come home!. They can only bow at your feet with Supreme Love.


God Bless you S Ji and thank you for contacting us.


Please feel free to communicate as and when you feel.