Doing Simran mentally

Q: I have received naam daan from my radha soami guru.  I am just wondering about doing simiran.  I know we are to do simiran mentally, but I do it using my lips.  How do I do this mentally as I am having trouble doing this?


A: All is beautiful, all is in harmony, the experience of Naam runs to the deserved process of the moment. 


You are in the first stage of naam, there is no wrong in this, the body will evolve at the accord of hukam (through Gurparsaad).   Let all transpire as he chooses for it, Hukam Rajaee Chalna.


After all this is a story of God doing to Self, for we can do nothing, we are just mere actors.


Let there be no thoughts, all your seva is being accounted for, so please continue to enjoy the bhagti- to glorify him and not self.


God bless you to evolve the Naam to Surat, may you be blessed with Sunn Smadhi, Naam Ki Seva & the most beautiful Bandgi.