Dandauth Bandhna

Greeting by prostrating i.e.  by lying flat like a stick.  By surrendering completely at the Charans of the one who has become Sat by Himself, we will become Sat too.  Make it an integral part of our Bandgi to just look at the Charans of the ones who are Sat, and live at the Charans of those who are Sat.  Whenever we meet such people who are Sat Saroop, do Dandauth Bandhna to them.  By doing so we will earn the Punn Karam of the highest order according to the Shabad, “Kar sadhu anjuli punn wadda hai.  Kar Dandauth punn wadda hai.”  So by doing so all of our sins are washed away in the fraction of a second, our Hirda fills up with the Amrit, and our inside is cleansed tremendously, just do so and reap the rewards. 

Some of us will ask, “where do we find a person who has become Sat?”  The question is a legitimate one as it is very difficult to find such a person who is Sat Saroop.  However, the the answer is very simple.  For a start, whenever we go to the Gurdwara do Dandauth Bandhna (instead of the normal Matha Tekna) to Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and we begin to reap the same rewards.  Bear in mind that this is a very difficult thing to do as our ego comes to block us, but override this by killing the ego at any cost.  Don’t worry about what people will say about it, just do it and reap the rewards of washing our millions and millions of sins and cleanse our Hirda.  This is a divine weapon to kill our Haumai, and we are equipped with this weapon, this is a GurParsaad and we have been blessed with this GurParsaad, so save and enhance this GurParsaad by doing Dandauth to the Guru and fill up our Hirda with utmost humbleness and humility. 

If anybody questions us, tell them to do the same and explain to them that the Shabad Guru GurBani wants us to do this Dandauth Bandhna to the Guru.  This kind of bowing is not a bowing to the physical matter, which is nothing but Maya, but this bowing is a divine gift and it is done to the Sat Tat present everywhere and in everyone and this Sat Tat is the Guru Tat which is omnipresent.