Divine Court of The Lord.  God and His Bhagats run Sach Khand, their command is issued from Dargah.  In the Dargah, God is represented by Himself and among this world of Maya, God is represented by these Maha Purakhs.  For a spiritually illiterate person the Dargah and the Earth are two ends, and these Maha Purakhs make both these ends meet through them.  The Infinite Divine Power of Dargah is present on the Earth in the form of these Maha Purakhs.  In both places this Infinite Divine Power is prevailing.  Both the Dargah and world is being run by this Infinite Divine Power.  The ones who follow His divine laws with His own command and achieve the Gur Parsaad, are blessed with this Infinite Divine Powers while physically sitting on this Earth, but at the same time sitting in the Dargah as well.  That is why GurBani says wherever there is a Sant sitting the Dargah is right there.  Wherever there is a Braham Gyani sitting, the Dargah is right there.  Wherever there is a SatGur, sitting the Dargah is right there.  And where there is Dargah there is no rule of Maya.  So sitting at the Charans of a Sant is sitting in Dargah and beyond three attributes of Maya.  This is why a Sant is the Mahima of Akal Purakh, because God makes the Dargah appear where there is a Sant present on this Earth and that is where both ends meet – Earth and Dargah.  Earth becomes Dargah.  Earth becomes Dhan-Dhan where there is a Sant sitting.   Also see Baikunth. Lesser realms are Swarag (heaven) and Narak (Hell).