Dealing With Desires

Guru Patshah Ji is very kindly continuing to remind us about the eternal grace of the Almighty.  With the grace of God people wear beautiful and expensive clothes, but forget that they have already been blessed with more than they deserve.  Due to theirr greed they need to constantly decorate their physical body.  Hence, they always go after more and more.  They are never satisfied with what they already have and long for more. 

To accumulate more than you need is a very dangerous mental sickness.  The urge, or the desire, to accumulate more and more is a deep mental sickness.  The entire life is spent on doing this without any spiritual gains.  Desires are the basic reason for unhappiness, sorrows and pains.  If fulfilled they may bring a short lived happiness, but if not fulfilled they bring sorrows and pains.  The accumulating effect of desires is mental depression, mental sickness and physical ailments. 

We should always remain contented with our belongings and possessions and remain thankful to the Almighty for whatever He has given.  Only contentment in Truth, Sat Santokh, can bring an end to our desires and hence and end to all of our pains and sorrows. 

We should always keep deep inside our Hirda that it is only by the grace of the Almighty we get to sleep on cosy beds.  He is the only One who takes care of us at all times.  When we do so then we will always be in a remembrance stage.  Remembering God is the Simran.  That is what Guru Patshah Ji is telling us to do.  To remember the Giver of everything continuously.  When we do so, then eventually the Simran goes into an autopilot mode inside our Hirda and mind.  Meaning that Simran happens without our conscious efforts.  Then it goes into each and every cell, the Rom Rom.  This all happens with GurParsaad.  Nothing is possible without His GurKirpa, eternal grace. 

All of the respect we achieve from the society we live in, is only by the grace of God.  We need to remember that are just nothing.  A worthless creature on the face of this Earth.  He is the only Doer and Giver.  He takes care of all of our needs, so we need to always keep on praising Him by all means.  Only by His grace are we able to walk on the path of religion.  The real path of religion is the path of Truth.