Dealing With Haumai

When we are under the GurKirpa, the eternal blessings of Akal Purakh, then everything that happens in our daily life is good.  When we are under Haumai we say “I am doing it,” or “I am capable of doing it.”  When we are under GurKirpa we realise Haumai doesn’t do anything, neither is Haumai capable of doing anything.  It is very simple – if He is the Karta Purakh, the only Doer, then how can Haumai, the “I”, be doing anything at all? 

We need to reach this understanding that everything good happening in our life is all thanks to God’s grace and not by any other means.  Then the sense of self, the “me, my and mine” attitude, will start to disappear from our life.  This will kill our Haumai completely.  We are eventually relieved of the serious and chronic mental sickness of Haumai.  Once this happens there remains no difference between us and the Almighty Himself.

The Panj Doots only exist whilst we have a sense of our own presence, our Haumai.  Haumai is the hardest to kill or go.  Haumai goes together with Ahankaar.  This is pride of yourself, your achievements, your status in society, your name and your wealth.  Haumai / Ahankaar is the hardest to win over.  But, once we do win over them, we go into to a complete and utmost humble state of mind.  This is a mandatory divine quality necessary for the union with God. 
When something good happens, most people under the influence of Haumai, will take the credit for it and don’t thank the Almighty for His grace.  They don’t recognize that He has been very kind on them and have given them everything they need to live a good life.  Instead, they engage themself in self praise or self recommendation.  This is all Ahankaar as a result of Haumai. 

Conversely, when anything bad happens in your daily life, under Haumai, people start complaining to God and hold God responsible for it.  They blame God for all of the bad things that have happened in their life.  In some cases they will curse their fate and blame God for writing that destiny for them.  The Truth is that whatever happens is a result of their own Karni in the past and previous lives. 

The way to deal with Haumai is this – whenever something good happens thank God for His kind grace.  But, whenever something bad happens, just accept responsibility and see it as something you can learn from.  By blaming God, they forget that God is very kind and never does bad to anybody.  But, it is their own Karma that  is teaching them again and again when bad thing happen that they should stop doing Asat Karams and start doing Sat Karams.  By planting good deeds your future is trouble free. 

By taking credit for all of the good and cursing God for all of the misfortune people become deeply drenched in the scum of ego.  They fall victim to the deep mental sickness of Haumai.  This is the main reason for their soul reincarnating through birth and death.

Guru Pancham Patshah Ji is very kindly giving us Braham Gyan that allows us to eliminate Ahankaar from our head.  This will free us from the deepest mental sickness of Haumai and allow us to be one with God. 

Guru Sahib Ji is very kindly reminding us that whatever good happens in our daily life is only due to the divine grace.  We should remember and practice thanking God in our daily life.  By doing so, whatever delicacies we eat become Amrit.  By thanking God for His grace we become blessed to remember God continuously.  We never forget Him and eventually He goes into our mind.  This replaces our ego mind with Paar Braham Parmeshwar, the Param Jyot, Puran Parkash.  We go into a state of  Ajapa Jaap (automatic) Naam Simran.  The mind becomes Param Jyot itself.