Inderjit’s Powerful Experiences

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan Dhan satpaarbrahm parmeshwar Dhan dhan gurpaarbrahm parmeshwar

Pitaji with your grace today’s amritwela was immensely blissful. The whole dargahi presence made it even more sweet. Many saints, bhagats were there. Paarbrahm ji was very happy. Dhan dhan Kabir ji, Ravi dassji were there. Guru Nanak dev ji, Guru Angad devji, Guru Amar Dass ji , Guru Ram Das ji, Guru Arjan dev ji, Guru Tegh Bahadur ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji were there. We were shown Guru Nanak dev ji merging in Guru Gobind singh ji and Guru Gobind singh ji merging in aapji. We were given gyan that it is the same jyot in all of them and all merging into one.

There were countless instruments in the astral orchestra ( anhad naad) being played by the conductor. It was just beautiful and there are no words to describe it..

We were shown that you were taking us all to higher levels and as we were going we were all getting cleaned. All our past bad deeds, sins were leaving us and our souls were getting cleaner and purer. All sangat members today were also doing simran with a lot of devotion and pouring out love and God was very happy to see this.

We were shown that sangat mindsets were slowly being changed by you. We were also given this message that everyone should start taking their amritwela simran seriously by themselves. This is not an ordinary sangat where we are gathered to get our wordly desires fulfilled. God is himself ferrying us across in this sangat. God is being extremely benevolent however if we refuse to listen / believe and continue to stay in our man matt then he will still ferry us across but the hard way as he is holding our arm. We need to leave all our cunningness, calculations and wordly desires and just do full surrender and earn what pitaji is delivering.

Pal pal Chin chin swas swas hum bhoolanhaar guneghar loonharami akritghane Baksh liyo ji bakshanhare Baksh diyo ji bakshanhare.

We are capable of nothing you yourself are the doer . Pls. forgive all our mistakes and continue to guide us on this path. Kottan shukhrana for everything you do for us.