Divine Truth – Bhagti

They say know your enemy.
Maya is the enemy, she is designed specifically to break you from the path of Truth, to take away trust, to gift you doubt, to retract you back into the Illusion.
Who created this Maya, you did, you designed her to your whim, she is individual to your cause.
She is your affiliations of the false living, your doubts, your wisdom, your moral, she is the thoughts that entice as you discover the thought to be swayed.
If you seek worldly pleasure don’t blame God when the Karam (Truth to Purpose) decides to take a bite at you, regardless Maya as the entity is Truth, she serves her purpose, she serves it very well- she reveals your inadequacies, she educates you through your own experiences she clarifies that very few are deserved (the Gurparsaad). 

This is all a Khel of Love in the end, the Creator seeks your betterment, the Maya is of his Gyan to derive the perfect test.

Hukam (Truth, therefore God) gifted this Stage (Khand) for the Theatre to transpire, but you his actor will take image of the performance. You will narrate and display the Maya through your actions.
Many come and say: we just want to state we have no Ego, we have no Lust, we do not live in illusion, but is this the path for me, but why do bad things happen to me, and when am I going to get my Darshan.- We was one of them
The Statement was so direct, the original claim was that Maya had no voice nor presence, yet she lives healthy in the whole sentence.
Kaam, Krodh, Lobh Moh teh Ahankaar
Assess your being if you seek to take this path seriously, and realize the divine truth. Then make a list of your inadequacies, educate Self, see where you stand, witness how much you deserve truth, make a list of your irritations, your affiliations, your egoisms, your requirements, your needs etc.  Make the list, and read it, realize the truth (accept that there is more you can do), realize how this attachment of maya is holding you back.
To realize your wrong is Gurparsaad (it is awareness after all, taken from the Sight of Truth), act on the inadequacies, face the Maya and end it.
We reap what we sow, we reap our Karam, we reap those events in life that appear not to fall in our favour. The Truth; no matter the action and no matter the weight of the negativity it brings, the Karam will always be in our favour.
The Karam is a beautiful gift, it seeks to gift you betterment, opportunity & balance. Living in the Foolishness of Self, we must face our mistakes, the System is Governed by Hukam. 
Hukam is Truth, and therefore it is Just, In Harmony, In Balance & Perfect. We reap the Karni and we get a slap from Truth, we all have experienced it in our daily lives.  Have a guess what happens when we reap the Sat Karams, Only Greatness can derive
Sat Karams- welcome to seva, welcome to Bandgi.
The Law still applies, we reap what sow, this is the Statement of the Khel.
You seek to experience the Truth, then can you discover it, make the journey, you must travel home (the house doesn’t walk to you) all you have to do is earn his name. This is beyond earning alone, we evolve, we become his name, we become the Truth (hence the merger back into the source)
Naam is the currency and the Bank account in Dargah is already open, fill the account with Sat Karams and the realizations will come.
Seva takes 3 forms:
Naam Simran

To Jaap the name of Truth, Sat Naam, it will begin for many on the outside in the Realm of Maya, repeated from the tongue but will eventually travel within in (into the Hirda),  continue and continue, never stop, the Hirda will evolve, it will fall in love with the name, and the Anand it gifts, it will eventually repeat on its own accord (Rom Rom).   One day you will try to Jaap but the Hirda will feel disturbed (its means shut up), the Hirda has called for silence, the smadhi of Naam shifts into Sun Smadhi aka Sun Kalaa.  There in the silence the mind loses it’s voice, we just accept the quiet of the nothingness as truth, and then realizations occur, they become your experiences to gift to the world- this is how Brahmgyan takes form, this is where a Sant takes birth.
Naam Ki Seva

Bless Naam to all you meet, let them slander you, let them argue, it doesn’t matter what Dukhi or Sukhi they bring, bless them all, give them your bhagti. You don’t need to worry about self.    In Sight of Truth (Nirvair) you will realize he is looking after you and always has been, when isn’t He with you, he feeds you your Karam, he gifts you the realizations (we do nothing, all is him doing unto self).  Just gift and gift away, if they spit at you gift them more. The Bhagats laugh in the Anand of Truth, never affected by the Swagger of False.

Beautiful Beautiful Bandgi, this is your life statement, (we can’t help but laugh).
Bandgi covers everything, live every second as if it was your last, realize how precious it is, and glorify it with truth.
Some take this Janam already intoxicated to discover his name, others evolve with the realizations as they learn through earning the Gurparsaad, regardless once you experience that Love, you will chase it, you will hunt it, it becomes an addiction, no drug can offer the Nasha we experience.  When you experience that Love, the experience is with you forever, it’s not something you can just forget.
In this Janam for us, we was born with this Love (carried forward from Bhagti in previous times), but when hearing the stories of Gurus and their sacrifices to help their Beloved Nindaks it could only enhance the Euphoria we experienced.

They gave everything to the Children of this Khand, all to Glorify Him and never self; God lives within all of you, he is your Hirda (true Heart), the Gurus came and served the Hirdas to evolve. -Can you see the God in the Guru Serving the God in his Children, all is God doing unto Self. 

What the Gurus did is Bandgi- they lived in the Salutations of God’s name, they served, they delivered, they fed, they gifted truth. And they were Disregarded by their own family’s, Regarded as Insane, Spat at, Betrayed, Imprisoned & Martyred. And yet these Mahapurakhs were never swayed. 

This test world is the most beautiful, the Bhagats who realize its’ beauty are the most humble & the most thankful. They can finally show their love to the Master through their actions, and the Glorification begins.

The statement of the Hirda  “ I will do anything for you, I am in love with you”, and don’t they prove it. Individual to their cause, each Bhagat has their own story to gift, and what an amazing stories they are. 

The Beautiful Ones were once just Students of the Path, they lived many lives also, they earned the Gurparsaad, and God sent back to save us from ourselves. The God is infinite, and so is his creation, the story continues, and this will carry on for every age to come, Bhagats are born in all eras to serve the dues of the deserved -some listen, some don’t, no need to worry, just accept the hukam and love all equally, leave the rest to him.
The Guru’s, Prophets, Mahapurakhs, Yogis came for all, but the children fought the truth with the worldly knowledge, only to gift themselves a vision of false.
Very few surrendered, the Ones who did were able to do so as they were the Greatest Earners of Gurparsaad. The Panj Pyara took the leap of faith, no questions asked- that is love, that is surrender.
We must surrender to the Truth Speakers, such a Hirda has evolved a million times over, they are merged in the Truth, so highly evolved, the Bhagats with the gifted sight can only see him (the creator) in the creation.
He Speaks through his Bhagats. 
The Satgurus are the greatest gift to the Khand, can you not see him in the Puran Sat they offer. Wake up you fools, this is just a khel, most of you already hold sight of the illusion as you believe in Karma & Reincarnation, and therefore should accept Life is just a Great Test.
So many Suhagans are made with little effort, but when society throws the slander, most rejoin the society, back into the Abyss they disappear (into the scum of maya).
Society is the Maya, Society is the Greatest Fool- realize this.
The Sangat of the Sant is a great gift, the Sant is a tool of service, he/she will give, give and give, while the children take, take and take. But when going back to their daily lives, they let the Truth Simmer away into the background to carry on the worldly living.

The children come and take pleasure in the court of the Truth Speaker, they experience God through his words, through his experience, and the experience becomes their own.

Tell us what is the Bhagti in that, where is the selfless thinking, a routine visit to the Sant is not the Bandgi, as you are just taking and not giving (Tan Man Dhan)- realize what is happening, to what accord should the Sant give, to what statement of the mind do they live in, and to what statement of the mind do you live in. 

The Sants work very hard, and took great tests to get where they are, all to glorify the One who had blessed them through earning- The Sangat should have the same approach.
Simplicity is Key, Unity is Key, Discipline is Key, Love is Key- you won’t find that in society, they seek to complicate, and create boundaries (the I am better than you boundaries)
Men are building walls (borders), to separate the faiths, the colours, the mindsets of One Man’s agenda to another’s, the Greatest of Fools they are, for they truly have spat on the father in their actions.
As high as the wall is you can build, it can always be scaled, separation is not what we came to do, this is not the statement of the Birthright. We came to unify, to share, to love, to serve one another, to help each other get back home.

Look beyond the Maya exterior and the intrinsic of Socio Economics (the False Structure of Society)- we are all Hirdas, we are the exact same image.
Our True Image is of no form, no color, no size, no shape, no mass, no proportion. You are Black in one life, white in another, yet look at them, racist craving the death (of the opposition color)- jokes on them, God will make them that color in the next janam.

Wake up it is Just a Khel.
Unify with your Brothers and Sisters, Serve them, Love them, even when they turn against you, never stop, we are of the God, we are in his Image (Hirda), so glorify him, through glorifying the Truth of his gift.
All succumbs to this point:
-Facing Maya in Battle to Destroy her once and for all (with the earned GURPARSAAD),
-Loving all in Gods Creation, as you realized they are all God (NIRVAIR)
-Through the Sight of Truth (God-Oneness), we realize the Karam is Truth, the Hukam is Truth, the Purest Truth that can never be tainted, the Love has taken us, if we are beaten, slandered and even martyred where is the Dukh when we can only see Sukh, we become fearless. (NIRBHOA)
-Earning the Realizations with love and extra ordinary discipline – (the Jyot is Lit- SAIBHANG)
Then you are a Bhagat, a Truly Devout Glorificaton of the Truth
You are more than capable, all of you are, it is your Birthright afterall.
Seize it as you wish.