Surrender To The Truth

Give Tan (body), Man (mind) & Dhan (wealth) with no wants, no expectations, no affiliations, no warrant of any achievement only to Glorify the Truth as he chooses for it to be Glorified. That is what you call a Great Slave – … Read More

Worldly Knowledge

Out of Nothingness all was created– This is no expression nor a simple idea of creative thinking, this is the Divine Truth, this is what happened.    Go, Look and Ask where did the creator not apply his wisdom. The … Read More

Social life and love

Question to the Truth Seeker: how long can your relationships last (regardless of form)?   Answer: As long as your thoughts and ideas are compatible.   Re-read the highlighted words above. See the false in this realm, once your ideas shift one … Read More

Ecstasy of Truth

He created all the intoxicants you see, alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes etc etc. All designed to enhance the fight in the test of realizing truth. But all this is false, it is temporary, it doesn’t help you in anyway, you … Read More