Creation Of Man and Reason For Dukh

All that you see, all that you do, all that occurs is Hukam (God’s Command) nothing happens beyond it. This System is Self-Governed by Hukam, you contacting us is Hukam, whatever derives forth is Hukam.


It began in a time before time, there was no life, no land, no element, no color, no nothing. The Absolute of Nothingness realized Self, the nothing became Energy of Nothing it evolved and lived off the Power of Nothing, and grew into something of Great Divine. 36 ages passed (100’s of millions of years), the evolution of this Nothingness had grown within every second until it reached Supreme, it wasn’t spoken for it had no voice, it wasn’t heard for there was no sound, it wasn’t seen as there was no vision but the entity of Nothing recognised Self as Truth. The Gyan had gone beyond Measure it had flourished into the infinite. The Supreme is a being of no form and is infinite in capacity.


There was no distraction through the process of Self Discovery for nothing existed. The Supreme Being issued the Hukam unto Self that this Gift of Truth should be blessed to another.


The Creation was born from the Nothingness at will of Hukam, he made mass duplicates of himself and threw them into the creation, so they (infant Gods may evolve to experience the Gyan). The copies of God are the Hirdas. You have a Hirda, the plants each have a hirda, microbes have a hirda, all life forms have a Hirda. We start at the bottom and work our way up the pyramid to the top of the food chain.


When derived as Man- we can then begin the Search of Self Discovery.


And as we tell the Sangat the Great Being never asked for us to take to 36 ages of Smadhi as he did, for that was his divine experience. We are gifted to uncover the Truth in a short space of time, but to have it justified we have to fight a battle on the way. The Battle is for the Freedom from our Thoughts, but as free as we think we are nothing is free from the Gyan he realized, it is beyond us.


Such Freedom of Thoughts would of led you to earn such a Karam. Our Lord God is aware of everything, no matter how much we faulter he only seeks to derive our betterment. He is aware of the strength of Maya for he created it, he is aware of the influence of the Devil for he created the Devil. He didn’t just create all the Negatives of Life, he exists in all the Negatives. He is everything- nothing goes beyond him for everything is him. He is the Saint literally, he is Sinner literally, he is the Devil literally, he is the poison literally, he is the intoxicant literally and he is the remedy literally. Everything survives on him, he is the Omnipresent, and all exists from this self-realized life force of power. If he has a shift of heart the creation can be turned off within a breath. – Thankfully he is beyond emotion, he is in a state of Supreme Understanding, where no push or pull can affect him- the creation no matter how wild it can be is in Governance to a Harmony of Perfection – to what it Deserves.


Puran Sat (Pure Truth):  Dukh Daro Sukh Rog Bhaaiaa


The Pain is the Remedy for it derives the Betterment – the law of karma then finds balance. We cannot excel until we return to the balance. We have to be deserved to the cause of Realizing Truth.


You are here to deal with the Dukh, God sent you here for more than that, you are here to Realize the Truth and to begin the process of washing your body within to Free Self from all the weight of Karni.

Your Brother & Slave.
Mr Singh