Going 10 steps backwards

Q: We just went back 10 steps over the last few weeks.  Even though we have served the sangat yet we don’t regard it as real seva.  Seva is selfless , we have done it for our own ends, we just did the seva for our ego satisfaction – to make us feel good that we did something. 


Mind just wants to be stubborn, we know we just need to keep doing humble ardaas.  So please forgive us , please keep us under your feet.


A:  All is well, the whole situation is karam, the whole situation is justified truth, forever in balance no matter the maya tension we feel.  This is a process, this is a simple test of bhagti, we are watching it transpire, you went and you came back.  10 steps back true, and then 11 steps forward.


Enjoy the khel.