Dont Doubt Your Guru – Ask For Forgiveness


Sat Shri Akal Ji,
                         i don’t know what has happened to me I am in great confusion. There were days I used to enjoy kirtan. And i had made a couple of promises to Guru Granth Sahib Ji which i also have broken.  Now my condition is i dont do any simran and started drinking and my mind asks me questions like is there any God. Please help.


Guru Pyare Jee, God bless you.

Guru is very kind, His kindness is infinite, His Hirda is full of this infinite divine power of kindness, so please don’t worry and doubt your Guru, go ask for forgiveness, and Guru will forgive you instantaneously. The moment this feeling of apology comes in your Hirda, the Guru will take over all your sins and forgive you in a second. There is nothing to be confused about. The door of the Guru is always open for you and will remain so forever, Guru never closes His door for anybody, whatever and whosoever it may be. It is your devotion, trust and faith in the Guru that makes or breaks the contact with the Guru, it is you who make or break the contact with the Guru, the relationship with the Guru is internal and not external, it is all internal union and has nothing to do with external things, external things are Maya, internal compliance is Bandgi and union with the Guru.

The one who is internally connected with the Guru is a Gurmukh, the one who is still externally connected with the Guru is still a Manmukh. Guru’s word is also Guru, following Guru’s word is following Guru. As many times you fall back, the Guru will lift you back, as many times you keep going back and forth, the Guru will keep on helping you stand up again and again, until you realize it completely and be on your own. Your falling back again and again will depend upon how deep is your love, devotion, trust and faith in the Guru. When your love, trust, faith and devotion for the Guru crosses the fine line then you will stop falling back and will be able to stand on your own two feet. Guru will never leave you in the dark, Guru will keep holding your arm until you become stable and are able to be on your ownself.

So please keep on enhancing your love, devotion, faith and trust in the Guru and Guru will keep on helping you as long as you need His help.